Do you have a spare room that’s crying out for attention? Use the extra space to your advantage and transform it into something functional, luxurious or special. Here are five unique spare room ideas.

Create an at-home wellness retreat

A wellness room may mean different things to different people.

  • Transform it into a home gym equipped with weights or a yoga studio. You want to ensure it’s climate controlled, has a great sound system for musical motivation and has room to move.
  • Use it as a meditation room. Embrace your inner plant lady and decorate with plants as well as wall art displaying natural landscapes and inspiring quotes. Don’t forget a good sound system for meditation music.
  • Another option is to fit it with a mini infrared sauna for one. Yes, they do exist. This mini sauna is the world’s most powerful option at this size. There are so many health benefits if you can handle the heat, like improved heart health, pain and muscle relief, immune support, boosted circulation and improved skin tone.

Embrace your inner Belle

Why not transform your spare room into a library nook? Start with custom-built shelving or buildable bookcases from Ikea. Depending on the height of the room, you can truly embrace your inner Belle from Beauty and the Beast and acquire a rolling ladder. The next most important feature is finding the comfiest oversized chair or couch possible. You also need great lighting so your eyes don’t strain to read the text. Finally, decorating with plants never goes astray.

Expand your kitchen

If your spare room is near the kitchen (or you have an extra big laundry you don’t need), one of the best storage ideas is to create a kitchen larder or pantry. If it’s big enough it can become a walk-in affair with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Larders are a great space to store extra dry food and appliances like coffee machines. Some are often fitted with a sink and counter space as well for extra prep room. You can go as basic or as luxe as you like. On the other end of the spectrum, display your favourite cookbooks on open shelves and opt for statement finishes.

Escape to the movies

Another popular spare room idea is creating the ultimate home cinema. Here’s what you need:

  • The biggest TV or projector screen your money can buy, which is connected to a great surround sound system or soundbar. If choosing surround sound, sometimes it’s worthwhile getting in the experts to fit it properly.
  • Comfortable seating. This might include a large sectional couch for a large family or big fluffy floor cushions for younger kids. Prepare to test a few couches before you find the one.
  • The right lighting. You preferably want lights you can dim that face away from the screen to avoid glare.
  • The extra touches. This might be block-out red velvet curtains for that luxurious touch and to ensure the room remains dark and cosy all day every day. Another way to embrace a cosy room is to paint the walls a dark colour, such as navy. This will just add to the experience.

Make your own walk-in closet

If you don’t have space for a walk-in closet, create your own. Use your spare room to store extra clothing, shoes and accessories. If there’s great natural light, it could also be the perfect dressing room when fitted with an old-school dressing table. Add some seating and a rug and you have walk-in closet perfection.

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