The last two or three years have been stressful for many people. While many of us just cruised along, many others struggled. While it’s important to maintain mental health, there are so many conflicting strategies – too many to remember when you’re having an anxiety attack.

The 20th of March was the UN International Day of Happiness, so we’re late to the party but here’s a list of five things you can do to maintain or improve your happiness.

1. Do a good deed every day

You don’t need to be a boy scout, just smile at someone who looks like they need to see it or pick up something that someone has dropped. Look for the opportunity and when you see it, you’ll know it’s meant for you.

Remember, it’s the simple things that can make the greatest difference, both to you and someone else. By just performing small random acts of kindness, you’ll not only feel great yourself but you’ll often make someone else smile as well.

Quite often this will start a ripple effect. The person who was the recipient of the good deed will often ‘pay it forward’ and do a good deed for someone else and so on.

So look out for opportunities every day to show someone else a little kindness.

2. Allow your creative side to thrive

When you’re engrossed in a creative pursuit, you’re fulfilling your inner desire to make something that gives you or someone else a little pleasure. This could include growing plants in your garden, baking delicious goodies to share, knitting a new jumper or even painting a gorgeous landscape.

Many studies have been done that show that creativity feeds positivity. It means that people who spend time indulging in their creative pursuits generally have a more positive outlook on life.

This is especially true if you’re creating something for a loved one or to help someone in need; for example, knitting beanies and blankets for the homeless or baking some delectable treats for your school’s fête.

There’s an additional benefit to following a particular creative pursuit too. You might end up finding a group of like-minded people who also enjoy what you do and even form life-long friendships.

3. Love everyone

While you don’t have to like everyone who you come into contact with, it’s important not to wish them harm. Just appreciate that they may have different views from your own and be compassionate.

While some people may be easy to love, there will be others who might irritate you, even if you don’t understand why. Learn to understand that this is just part of being human and find ways to tolerate those people who don’t particularly resonate with you.

Just imagine how different the world would be if everybody cared about each other. There would be no more wars, no more poverty and nobody would be hungry or homeless.

While this is a very utopian view, it all starts with just one person who shows compassion to others. Eventually, this will rub off on those around you and help to make just a small part of the world a better place.

4. Look for a magic moment in every day

When you look, you can find many memorable moments that make you smile and appreciate the world around you: a glorious sunset, the laughter of a child or even watching a bird feeding on your native flowers.

These are the moments that we need to cherish and take note of. They make us smile and feel happy inside. However, you have to be present in the moment to truly appreciate these.

So, instead of walking around with your phone in your hand or headphones in your ears, take the time to look around you instead. Actively look for the beauty that is all around you. Spend some time sipping a coffee and watching the world go by.

You’ll be surprised at what you see, hear and experience if you just take the time to look for those magic moments every day.

Have a goal

There’s nothing that can inspire you more than to have a goal. A goal, however simple, gives you a purpose and you’ll find you look forward to moving towards your goal every day. Your goal doesn’t need to be lofty; it could be as simple as walking to the end of the street every morning.

More importantly, having a goal makes you feel more optimistic about the future. But make sure your goal is attainable and don’t set the bar too high. Achieving small goals along the way can boost your happiness because you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

Even if you don’t reach your goal, the journey alone can make you feel more purposeful and improve your mental health.

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