If you have an all-white kitchen in your Lilyfield home, there are many easy ways to add colour to your kitchen without going overboard. Not only will this brighten up the most-used area of your home but it might also inspire you to spend more time in your kitchen to create some truly delicious culinary delights.

Give your cupboards a new lease on life

All-white cupboards can be quite stark and unimpressive. You can easily remedy this by adding a splash of colour. You don’t even need to do a complete kitchen reno to achieve this.

It could be as simple as taking off the kitchen doors and repainting them. This year, greens seem to be in vogue, especially more muted shades such as sage and olive.

However, painting all of the cupboards in a colour like this might be too overbearing. Instead, why not consider just painting the upper or lower cupboards in this darker shade and keeping the rest white?

For smaller kitchens, darker lower cupboards work well while in kitchens with high ceilings, it’s quite on trend to paint the upper cupboard doors a darker colour without making the kitchen appear smaller.

Add a colourful splashback

If you don’t relish painting your cupboard doors or you already love them the way they are, why not just update your splashback? You have so many choices for this with the amazing range of tiles and glass colours currently available.

If your cupboards are white, you could add a pop of colour with a darker splashback in one of the popular greens. A mirrored tile splashback will throw light back into the room (although this should come with a warning that you’ll be cleaning it all the time).

Alternatively, you could opt for the trendy subway or Kit Kat tiles that are so popular right now. These can add a dramatic effect to your kitchen work areas. Our top tip is to try to avoid white grout for kitchen splashbacks. Instead, choose a colour that complements or contrasts with your tiles. You can thank us later.

Paint the ceiling

If you have a period home, it’s likely your ceilings are quite high. In this instance, you might want to consider painting the ceiling in your kitchen a different colour from the walls and the rest of the kitchen.

Essentially, this will make the room feel cosier and welcoming and eliminate the starkness of an all-white kitchen. However, we find it’s best not to go too dark or it will feel like the ceiling is closing in.

Depending on your colour scheme, you might consider shades such as sage, mustard or pale grey. Make sure you keep the architraves white and add some downlights with white surrounds for a truly distinctive look.

Update your benchtops

Another way you can add a splash of colour to your kitchen is to update the benchtops. In homes with high ceilings, white cupboards and a dark benchtop can look quite spectacular.

You could even match the colour of your benchtop with a new splashback colour to create a cohesive look. Colours such as black, dark green or even a dark grey can look quite dramatic.

Add colourful accessories

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of painting your ceiling and/or cupboard doors and love your current benchtops, you can easily add some colour to your kitchen with accessories.

For example, use open shelves to display colourful pieces of crockery and storage canisters. Many appliances come in a range of colours, too. Make sure that you use items in complementary colours and use no more than three different colours if you can. You could even just concentrate on one colour and have items in different shades that complement each other.

For an older home with high ceilings, you might want to add a trendy new chandelier above your island bench. If calling the electrician seems too daunting, there are modern chandeliers that don’t need to be wired in as they’re just plug-in types.

Don’t forget that plants can also add some much-needed colour to your kitchen. Plus, they’ll love the more humid environment and help to keep the air clean.

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