Did you know that great styling can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home? Making your home look stylish but cosy can instantly make it more appealing to prospective buyers and you’ll have them lining up to view your home.

Great styling looks amazing in the photographs we’ll use to market your home. Clever styling doesn’t have to be difficult either if you can consider these styling tips.

Priority 1: Decluttering

Before you attempt any type of styling updates, you should give your home a good Swedish death clean. That is, get rid of any items that you no longer use and that are just cluttering up your home.

There’s nothing worse than opening up a cupboard and finding it jam-packed with stuff. To prospective buyers, this will give the impression that your home lacks storage space and that’s something that you want to avoid.

Plus, once you remove all that stuff that is cluttering up your home, it will make you feel more relaxed and less stressed about an upcoming move.

2. Give your home a more cohesive look

Does your home have a cohesive look when you walk from room to room or are you confronted with different colours in every room you walk into? This can be very off-putting and can definitely detract from the overall appeal of your home.

Consider giving the walls a coat of paint but stick to neutral colours. Adhere to a colour palette of no more than three colours with the base being a neutral and the other two being complementary colours that help lead the eye around the room.

3. Make your kitchen feel spacious

Kitchens are the heart of any home and great kitchens sell homes: this is the room you want to focus on when styling your home.

  • Hide appliances. You’ll have more room to do this once you’ve decluttered. When buyers see kitchen counters covered with appliances and other items, they’ll feel you don’t have enough counter space.
  • Hide tea towels and hand towels.
  • Consider installing some simple open shelves above the benchtops to display plants, herbs and pretty crockery. This will give the impression that your kitchen has plenty of workspace for enthusiastic cooks.

4. Offer a lifestyle in your living room

If you’ve removed extra furniture, you’ll be able to rearrange what you have left and style the room to appeal to potential buyers.

  • Remove family photos and random art from walls and tables. Keep one piece of beautiful art or create a gallery wall that looks cohesive and intentional.
  • Create a conversation area so buyers understand how to use the room.
  • Add greenery: we love seeing olive trees, palms or yuccas that have height and add dimension to a room.
  • Style side tables and coffee tables with art books, a vase, a small sculpture or a candle.

5. Create a bedroom oasis

Buyers want to walk into a bedroom and feel calm. Colours and textures play an important role in achieving this feeling.

  • Swap your patterned bed linen for more tailored and hotel-like linens.
  • Add some textured throw cushions to your bed.
  • Place a chair and a textured throw in one corner to create a reading nook.
  • Style your bedside tables with lamps, a glass of water and a book.
  • Bring in greenery with a living plant or a fake one (for photography). Note that in photos, you can’t tell if that phalaenopsis orchid or fiddle leaf fig tree is real or fake.

6. Give your bathroom that spa feeling

Your bathroom will also get a lot of buyer attention so here’s how to give it that luxurious spa feeling.

  • Splash out on matching towels that complement your décor and hide or donate the mismatched towels. You can even add some interesting hooks to hang these from. (Kmart has a terrific range of towels, knobs and hooks that won’t cost the earth but look stylish and practical.) Note that all-white towels, bathmats and hand towels always look more luxe and photograph well.
  • Invest in matching decanters for soap and shampoo. We love Aesop for the luxe look. Once you’ve used your fancy products, refill with cheaper alternatives and hide any containers that make your bathroom look busy.
  • Clear makeup and products from the top of the vanity but add a plant or two, pretty soap and a candle.

Add a sculptural lighting fixture and you’re on your way to showing off your bathroom’s style.

Need help? Engage a professional property stylist

If you don’t feel confident in your styling abilities or you simply don’t have the time, why not engage a professional stylist to do it for you? Ask us for recommendations; we use many stylists and can suggest one who can work with you to find your home’s style.

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