Want to give your Lilyfield home a whole new look? There’s no need to hire tradespeople for a complete reno to make your home cosy and inviting. All it takes is some clever layering using different textiles and lighting. But first, choose your main colour over which you’ll be layering and ensure that all your pieces complement the main colour and each other.

Use warm and cosy textures for that layered look

Winter is the perfect time to update the look and feel of your home by adding some layers in luxurious fabrics. Consider adding some throw rugs and cushions to your lounge and bed.

Think warm fabrics such as faux fur, velvet and wool. You can drape a snuggly throw rug over your couch and immediately change its look. The same can be done with armchairs. Then, add a few cushions in a complementary colour and you’ll want to settle down with a good book straight away.

You can do something similar with your bed. Place some lovely textured cushions at the head and lay a folded faux fur or textured throw rug over the base. You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes.

If you have timber or tiled floors, invest in some warm rugs to place strategically around your home. They not only add interest but warmth as well. Don’t forget to change your curtains too if you have them.

Even homeowners who have blinds on their windows can achieve that layered look by hanging side drapes that are tied back permanently with a clever sash.

Go for darker, warmer colours for winter and change to lighter shades once spring arrives again.

Layer with lighting

Forgo the harsh overhead lights. It makes everything one-dimensional. Instead, use a variety of lamps in different sizes, from floor lamps to table lamps, even LED strip lighting behind some furniture. And if you have a favourite piece of art hanging on your wall, light it. You want the eyes to be drawn around the room.

Bedside table lamps or on a table next to a comfortable armchair should be chosen for their warm glow while being strong enough to read by. Add a floor lamp that glows to the ceiling for an overall softer light.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace and a mantle, place a lamp at either end to add to the soft warm glow of the fire. Remember to use warm globes in your lamps to make the room feel nice and cosy.

To add to this lovely ambience that you’ve created, consider placing a nice tray with two or three candles of different heights on the coffee table.

Add more texture with plants, artwork and wallpaper

It’s no secret that plants add interest to an interior and they can also be used to achieve that layered look by placing them at different heights or using plants that reach for the sky or trail effortlessly from a shelf.

Think about a palm or, if you have the space, an olive tree in a large pot placed at the entry of your home. Then, follow this with leafy ferns or other indoor plants in smaller pots placed on side tables or in the centre of a bookcase.

Make sure you consider the light requirements of any plants you choose to ensure that they’ll thrive in their new environment. (If you have black thumbs, it’s pretty hard to kill a Peace lily or the Pothos variety, Devil’s Ivy.)

Using textured wallpaper is another way that you can add that layered look. But, forget about wallpapering an entire room. Just stick to one or two adjoining walls, like the walls behind and beside your bed.

You could even use textured wallpaper in your kitchen or dining area to add a feeling of luxury and warmth.

Artwork also helps you achieve warmth in a room. Use one stand-out piece or create a gallery wall with smaller paintings and prints arranged at different heights.

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