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Lynsey Kemp
Principal, Belle Property Balmain

We sell everything from small studios to multi-million dollar homes.
The brand under which you promote your property is just as important as the real estate professionals you engage. After careful consideration we chose to align ourselves, and our business, with Belle Property Australia. It’s not just a happy coincidence that we share the same emblem as Belle Magazine, either.
Together, our brands are beautiful, progressive and synonymous with homes to love. With Belle Property’s superior brand, we have first class marketing and smart technologies.

Monique Dower
Principal, Belle Property Balmain

From 3D tours to virtual furniture, instant buyer replies and deep data, we have the best tech at our fingertips. We know that consistent high-quality marketing, alongside strong sales and negation expertise yield results. Our strategies are tailored to each individual home. We communicate with you on a daily basis, and support your decision making every step of the way. We’re not just individuals or a single business, we’re a well known and respected national property network, working together as one.

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