If you’re a budding photographer or want to sharpen your skills, there are plenty of interesting and diverse photographic opportunities around the Inner West.

Here’s a short list of some of our favourite photography locations in and around the Inner West.

White Bay Power Station

If you’re into industrial-type or black-and-white photography, you can spend quite a few hours at the White Bay Power Station. This site features heritage-listed buildings and is a local landmark.

The site is currently undergoing conservation works, so you might only be able to photograph it from the outside but this still gives you plenty of scope to capture some of the unique architectural features of the various buildings.

White Bay Cruise Terminal

The White Bay Cruise Terminal is a relatively new facility and can provide you with a different photographic experience of more modern architecture. The terminal is on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, which means you can get some spectacular shots of the harbour itself.

Plus, keep an eye out for the cruise ships that will regularly be docking at the terminal as they offload and onboard passengers.

Heritage buildings around Balmain

If you take a drive around Balmain, you’ll find a host of beautiful heritage-listed buildings showing a range of different architectural styles. Be sure to check out some of the old churches such as St Augustine in Jane Street.

Other interesting public buildings include the Balmain Public School on Eaton Street and the Balmain Hospital on Booth Street.

Don’t forget to wander around some of the residential streets for a wonderful mix of architectural styles including terraces, workers’ cottages and beautiful sandstone buildings that have stood for centuries. We love the nods to history in and around the Colgate-Palmolive residential complex. Darling Street offers a wealth of opportunity with shop tops, the old Town Hall and many other photo-worthy structures.

Callan Park

Callan Park offers you a whole mix of different photographic experiences. There are the majestic old sandstone buildings that have been carefully maintained and restored to retain their original beauty.

However, if you dare to venture inside some of the buildings, you can get a glimpse of the abandoned hospital’s checkered past. In the years between 1878 and 2008, this site was known as the Callan Park Hospital for the Insane, so as you can imagine, it might feel a bit eerie inside some of the oldest buildings.

Nevertheless, an exploration of the old buildings should give you some amazing photographic opportunities.

Then, for something different and a little more light-hearted, take a leisurely stroll through the 61 hectares of expansive parklands and capture some of the ancient tree species that still live here. You might even stumble across some of the rare remaining remnants of bushland in this expansive park.

Check out some amazing street art

If colourful murals and street art are more your thing, you can take a self-guided walk around the Inner West’s prime street art precinct. A warning, though: if you plan to do the entire walk in one day, wear comfortable shoes because it might take you at least half a day to get through the entire tour.

However, you can easily just take your time and do the tour in stages so that you can spend plenty of time getting the best shots with your camera.

Enjoy sunrise or sunset photography on the Anzac Bridge

If you’re still trying to get that perfect sunrise or sunset shot with your camera, you might want to spend some time on the Anzac Bridge in Pyrmont. The structural components of the bridge will also provide you with a wealth of interesting photographic opportunities.

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