Feeling like heading out for a swim but don’t really feel like battling the weekend traffic or sitting on public transport for an hour? There are plenty of Inner West swimming spots where you can relax, enjoy the weather and take a dip without being surrounded by crowds. 

Let’s explore some of the best Inner West swimming spots, crowd free. 

Cabarita Park and beach for crowd-free swimming crowd 

As much as most Sydney-siders love a visit to the beach, just getting there through the traffic can be a hassle. Cabarita Park is just 10km from Balmain, and the bonus is you can reach it by ferry. Jump on the ferry at Balmain and enjoy the trip up to Cabarita Park.

Cabarita Park gives you everything you could need on a day out ‒ beach, playground, marina, kiosk, and BBQ area. There is also the Cabarita Swimming Centre if you prefer a pool setting, with views over the marina and the Parramatta River. Pack a picnic or head to Sanders Kiosk for a delicious lunch.

The Dawnie and Chiswick Baths harbour pools

There is nothing like a swim in the salt water to cure your muscle aches and everyday stress, but sandy shores aren’t for everyone. So why not check out our local favourite, the Dawn Fraser Baths or nearby Chiswick Baths.

Just over 5km from Balmain, Chiswick Baths and beach is a quiet swimming spot near Chiswick Park. Enclosed by a shark net and child-proof fence, the baths are adjacent to a small park offering great views of the Parramatta River while you enjoy lunch or morning tea. The baths are open for swimming except for up to three days after heavy rain.  

The Dawn Fraser Baths (the ‘Dawnie’ to the locals)  is a tidal flow salt water pool based in Elkington Park in Balmain. It is the oldest pool and swimming club in Australia as well as being where the first game of water polo was played in Australia. 

At low tide, the Dawn Fraser Baths has a beach area where children can play safely. Open from October to April, and subject to tidal waters, the baths are a great place for the whole family to cool off. 

Aquatic centres

Council-run aquatic centres are great places to spend the summer days, and plenty of the local Inner West pools have splash decks, aqua play and toddler pools allowing everyone to enjoy a day out. 

Gunyama Park in Zetland has a huge range of aquatic facilities including heated pools, hydrotherapy and learn to swim classes. For the kids, there is an indoor aqua play area that includes slides, fountains and a mega-drencher ‒ a hit with kids of all ages. If you’re after a gym with aquatic facilities, Gunyama Park has a gym with personal training and group fitness sessions, and there’s also a creche facility. 

The Fanny Durack Aquatic Centre in Petersham offers learn-to-swim classes, as well as a heated outdoor 25m pool, toddler pool and splash deck. The toddler pool and splash deck are the perfect way to get your children familiar with water, allowing them to cool off safely. 

Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre in Lilyfield has some great facilities for the kids including an indoor toddler pool with spa jets and water spout, and an outdoor mushroom pool that’s been specifically designed as a children’s aquatic playground. For the adults, there are the indoor and outdoor pools plus a hydrotherapy pool. 

You won’t want to miss Drummoyne Swimming Centre, famous for its location under the Iron Cove bridge and breeding champions like Dawn Fraser, Jon Henricks, Jan Murphy and James Magnussen. This charming swim centre has not only amazing views, but also, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and shaded toddler pool. Best of all, the pools are saltwater pools and kept at a comfortable 27 degrees.

If you’re looking to get out for a swim without the crowds at the beach, you’ll certainly find plenty of options close to home. 

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