We should all be getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night, so your bedroom needs to be a sanctuary — a welcoming, peaceful place that promotes rest and relaxation. Many of us are far from bedroom bliss, but it is possible with some simple steps. Here are five things NOT to have in your bedroom.

1. Unnecessary clutter

A cluttered room clutters the mind! Chances are you sleep best on holiday in rooms with fresh, soft linens — rooms that seem big and airy and have just the necessities. Things to throw away? Anything that makes your bedroom feel small and overcrowded. Lose the overflowing bookshelves and just keep the book you’re reading next to your bed. Choose a handful of framed photos — ones that take you back to your happy place or people, and only keep ornaments that spark joy.

2. Lighting that stimulates

Certain types of light can stop our bodies from preparing for sleep. As hard as it may be, try to avoid social scrolling on your phone last thing at night. The blue light it emits — even when it’s charging — reduces the amount of melatonin we produce. This is a chemical that we need to get to sleep and to regulate our sleep cycles. So, banish your phone from your room, or at least put it well out of sight. 

LEDs are also bright light culprits, so go for softer lighting. And don’t forget to invest in blackout blinds or curtains, as dark rooms give us the best chance of a restful night.

3. Anything that guilt-trips you

Laundry basket? Chances are it’s overflowing, and it’s making you anxious at how far behind you are on the household chores. Make room for it in the wardrobe or by the washing machine.

Exercise equipment? You’re full of guilt that it’s in your room unused. It’s clutter and attracting more by becoming a makeshift clothes hanger. Relocate it or sell it.

Laptop and desk? Separate work and rest; otherwise you’ll associate your bedroom with anxiety rather than relaxation. If space is at a premium in your property, there are many stylish compact desks and tables you can buy to make unused space useable, like the alcove under the stairs.

4. Old bedding and mattresses

We spend around 26 years of our lives asleep and seven years trying to get to sleep. So why do so many of us put up with old pillows that are long past supporting our head and necks, and mattresses that give us aches and pains to rival those of a marathon runner? While you’re replacing them, why not get new bedding too? It’ll give your room a cheap, quick makeover, and it’s more likely to entice you into the land of nod.

5. The (not so) hidden clutter in your closet

Your wardrobe door never closes properly because it’s stuffed full of clothes — half of which you’ve not worn for years. These need to go to the charity shop or be sold. Imagine how much calmer you’ll feel knowing that behind the wardrobe door, your clothes are beautifully arranged. Your room will radiate ‘zen’!

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