Outdoor kitchens are well suited to Inner West homes, with Sydney weather being mild for most of the year. But today’s outdoor kitchens are a long way from just throwing some snags on the BBQ on a weekend. If you’ve been house hunting in the Inner West recently you will have noticed many homes with purpose-built outdoor kitchens. Great for entertaining or simply getting out of the kitchen, a well-designed, purpose-built outdoor kitchen can bring an extra dimension to your home and your lifestyle.

Designing your outdoor kitchen

While it’s true that most outdoor kitchens look similar, it’s best not to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach. In customising your outdoor kitchen, you’ll have a space that fits your home and your needs. Whether you want a two-burner or a six-burner barbecue, a pizza oven, a range hood, a wine fridge, or storage cupboards, you need to plan your needs first with one of Sydney’s outdoor kitchen companies.

First up, you need to get your layout correct. This is so you know you and your family and guests have easy access to the kitchen area while being able to move around your table or the inside of your home. It’s a good idea to draw up a few rough ideas, including where your dining table and chairs would go, so you can get an idea of whether the layout works.

You’ll want to work out your area first before choosing features such as a barbecue (or a built-in oven and discreet stove top), a plumbed-in sink, storage, and any additions like a wine fridge.

Once you’ve fixed your budget and chosen your features, it’s time to call in the professionals who can help you optimise the space and your budget.

Ideal materials for outdoor kitchens

Your outdoor kitchen will, by its nature, be exposed to the weather. Weather-proof materials like granite, engineered stone and stainless steel are great choices for both longevity and durability. Just remember that if you choose stainless steel, make sure it’s ‘marine grade so it can cope with the harsher environment.

Whatever you choose, you want water-resistant materials that are best suited to outdoor environments.

Outdoor kitchen maintenance and durability

A well-built and maintained outdoor kitchen should last you many years. Maintenance wise, other than keeping your kitchen free from dust and grime, the only repairs you should need to make will be replacing hinges and drawer runners.

What else for your outdoor kitchen?

Yes, our Sydney weather is pleasant all year round but to ensure your comfort and that of your family and guests, we have two more tips for you.

The dreaded mozzie whine can break up a party all too quickly. To combat these pests, you have a few options that include citronella candles and oils, eucalyptus oil and netting.

Mozzies prefer still air, too, so a carefully placed ceiling fan will keep mozzies at bay. Just be sure to position the fan away from burners or your barbecue as it will extract heat and slow cooking time. A ceiling fan also keeps you cooler, further discouraging mozzies from feasting on you and your guests.

Is an outdoor kitchen for you?

Outdoor kitchens are increasing with popularity throughout the Inner West, with many families reaping the benefits of good weather for much of the year. If you are concerned about cooler weather or extreme heat, you’ll find outdoor heaters and patio blinds to make your outdoor kitchen usable year round. Start designing your outdoor kitchen and you’ll be cooking and dining outdoors every night.

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