Bear in mind that we screen all tenants thoroughly before we produce a lease and hand over the keys. So we’re confident that we’ve chosen tenants who will take care of your property. However, the better we know the tenants, the easier it is to have open communication. Maybe a lock is broken and they’re reluctant to ask for a locksmith. Maybe they want to make an improvement. We use an inspection to reassure your tenants we’re here to assist them throughout their tenancy. Under these circumstances, tenants will welcome an inspection.

When we meet face to face, tenants are more likely to mention that they’d like an addition to make the property more comfortable, like ceiling fans or air conditioning. For them, it’s much easier to explain why when speaking in person.

Communication is key to good tenants 

Setting up good communication with tenants from the beginning is key to a long and successful relationship between tenants, the property manager and property owners. 

Happier tenants stay longer, which means reduced costs in advertising, and minimises the length of time a property is vacant. Generally, happy tenants will stay in your property until they’re ready to buy a home of their own. 

When we acknowledge any tenant requests and make our best efforts to have a fault repaired quickly, tenants feel valued and that they are being heard. 

We’re always working to make sure that tenants are comfortable enough to reach out to us. We understand that being prompt with responses, and being respectful and reliable goes a long way to building mutual trust.

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