Sydney is considered a city of villages. Find out how a village atmosphere attracts homebuyers.

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Monique Dower
Principal, Belle Property Balmain

We’ve observed over 20 or more years in business that the intimacy and sense of community that a village vibe offers is highly attractive to potential buyers. Sydney has been described as a city of villages – and local governments encourage and support this view. The Inner West is blessed with several suburbs that we believe would qualify as having a village atmosphere.

Lynsey Kemp
Principal, Belle Property Balmain

Balmain, with its main street and cosy pubs, comes closest to the village ideal for Australians who loved the pub culture while living in the UK. Migrants from the UK and other parts flock to Balmain for similar reasons; the atmosphere is close to what they had at home. Our village feel continues to attract buyers who value the sense of community and a village atmosphere.

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