While we can all agree that all Inner West homes are perfectly lovely, they tend to be similar in décor and style. So if you want to personalise your home or infuse it with your uniquely special touch, there are many fun, cool and exciting ways to accomplish this.

Filling your home with things you love and that reflect your preferences just makes living more enjoyable. And if at some time you decide to sell your home, these personal touches are sure to wow prospective buyers, too.

Our top five quirky additions for your Inner West home

1. Wine cabinet

If you love your vino – whether for its health benefits or because you love to pair the perfect wine with your meal – a wine cabinet that not only showcases your collection perfectly but also works to preserve the quality of your wines could be a desirable addition to your house.
And you have plenty of high-tech choices, too. The best wine cabinets feature temperature and humidity controls, fan cooling and auto defrosting. And they look cool in your kitchen or living room.

2. Zen room

With the daily stresses that assail us, a Zen room would be one of the best and cool rooms to have in your house. It doesn’t even matter if you have limited space because there are plenty of small Zen space ideas.

Most of us don’t have the space for a dedicated room but you can create a space that’s dual purpose. A Zen room or space is free from clutter and minimalistic. Think earthy, natural colours and fabrics, simple décor, minimal ornaments, wooden flooring, floor cushions, rugs and throws, plenty of sunlight and fresh natural plant life. For focus, you might even incorporate a sandbox or a mini Zen garden.

3. Pull-out under-stair storage

Although this is admittedly inspired by watching too many ‘tiny home’ videos, we think pull-out under-stair storage is one of the most practical and cool house features you could add to your home.

You could even opt for drawers behind kickboards (that forgotten space) or your very own special wine cellar under-stair storage – an unexpected yet oh-so-clever use of idle space inside your home.

4. Kitchen herbs garden wall

Those of us who aspire to be better cooks would love to walk out the back door to pick fresh herbs…just as you might if you lived in Italy or France. Renters might feel constrained but there are mobile options that work for tenants, too.

Check out Bunnings and you’ll find a range of vertical garden solutions for your home. A kitchen herbs garden wall is not only one of the cool things every house should have but also serves two purposes: to beautify your home and add zest to your cooking.

If the idea of setting up your kitchen herbs wall is overwhelming, you can find an expert vertical garden specialist like Think Vertical to install one for you.

5. Backyard cinema

Movie buffs are sure to love the idea of a backyard cinema. Here, you can spend cosy autumn or winter nights around a fire pit or under gas burners to take the chill off while viewing classic family favourites. And when warmer weather arrives, you’re out in the fresh air and free to move around with ease.

It isn’t that hard to set up your backyard cinema: a projector, screen or large white sheet, extension cords and speakers. (So you don’t upset the neighbours, you might like to invest in some headphones so you don’t need your speakers.) Add some comfortable chairs or beanbags and some blankets or throws and you’re nearly there. For a more realistic cinema ambience, light some storm candles for soft lighting.

And if the idea of a permanent outdoor cinema at home is a bit much, did you know you can hire everything you need from one of the companies that specialise in silent outdoor entertainment?

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