Is redecorating your home in the works?

Are you torn between adopting the beachy blue and white of the Hamptons style or the cosy, textured neutrals of the Danish hygge (pronounced ‘HOO-gah’)?

Before you make a final decision on the look you want for your Inner West home, there are a few things you need to clarify first.

What the Hamptons style is all about

Beyond its trademark blue-and-white interiors, the Hamptons style is distinctively coastal and relaxed yet elegant. With dominant neutrals and pale hues, the Hamptons style also focuses on fine art and the use of natural textures and materials such as sisal and wicker.

The trademark Hamptons look also includes:

  • Window seats for relaxation
  • Abundant light (natural or artificial)
  • Wood highlights in floors and furnishings
  • Soft furnishings
  • Shaker-style cabinetry
  • Long-lasting quality materials
  • Colour and style consistency in the choice of furniture
  • Elegant outdoor spaces
  • A well-manicured garden

What is hygge?

More than a decorating or interior design approach, hygge is a Danish philosophy that encompasses one’s way of living. It’s focused on achieving easy contentment or a sense of wellbeing through the deliberate enjoyment of simple things.

Hygge is all about enjoyable experiences of all things snug and warm, like drinking a steaming mug of hot cocoa on a cold autumn day or cooking and enjoying the food you prepared. It entails creating a warm ambience to be enjoyed and shared with the special people in your life.

As a design inspiration, hygge involves the inclusion of specific elements that make for a restful home. These include candles, fireplaces (or a fire pit outside), blankets and throws, lots of textures, comfort food, home cooking and hot beverages ‒ components you can easily achieve (and enjoy) in the cool autumn and winter weather.

However, don’t forget a key ingredient of the hygge lifestyle. With hygge, you’re supposed to enjoy relaxing moments in the company of your loved ones.

But what about Swedish mys?

A newer concept for those of us on the Balmain Peninsula ‒ this time, from the Swedes ‒ is mys (pronounced ‘meess’). Somewhat similar to hygge but narrower in its application, mys is an approach to life and involves far more than simple décor decisions.

At its very essence, mys indicates the feeling of warmth or an ultra-comfy atmosphere. It’s that sensation you experience when you are wrapped in a woollen blanket sipping some hot cocoa, with your kitty curled up in your lap and candles lit all around you ‒ the very definition of what’s ultra cosy.

The elements of mys are all around but might not be 100 per cent appreciated: rustic furnishings, pillows and blankets made from natural materials, rugs, cushions and even games and (mainly junk) food that are meant to be enjoyed with your nearest and dearest.

The main reason we’re drawn to mys is because of a major component of this life and style. Mys is best expressed through ‘fredagsmys’ (pronounced ‘frey-dags-mees’) or ‘cosy Fridays’, which, for Swedes, has always translated into time spent in total relaxation plus the sharing of food (usually). Cosy Fridays mark and celebrate the highly anticipated weekend, and people are expected to just relax and share pizza or tacos (or what we’d consider to be ‘junk food’ like chips and lollies) over wine and TV. If we in Australia think we do TGIF well, the Swedes have taken it to a whole new level.

Your choice

If you’re a fan of the cool beach or coastal holiday look and have the budget to achieve it, then by all means, go for it as it’s one of the more suitable design options for Inner West homes.

But if you’re in love with the
hygge philosophy (or maybe even mys) and are ready to live it, then start cosying up for the winter cold.

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