There can’t be many things more perfect than relaxing under a shady tree on a summer day with a good book, and let’s face it, there are some great bookshops on the Balmain Peninsula to start getting you holiday reading ready. 

Two of our favourite Balmain bookshops to browse are Hill of Content and Roaring Stories, both on Darling Street, and both will fulfil the desire of spending time in an old-style bookstore, surrounded by the latest releases and old favourites. 

Talking about summer reading, here are some of our recommendations. 

Love Stories | New Trent Dalton

Just the story behind how Dalton collected the stories for his new book is enough to make you curious. Setting up with a table and chair on a busy street corner in Brisbane’s CBD, Dalton asked passersby a simple, yet direct question: Can you tell me a love story?

What follows is a heartwarming and, at times, heart-wrenching collection of love stories. Word of warning: don’t be surprised if the tears are falling before you even finish the introduction. 

Better Off Dead | Lee Child and Andrew Child

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher is back in yet another New York Times Bestseller list. In Better Off Dead, Reacher offers to help an army veteran turned FBI agent find her twin brother. With lives hanging in the balance, this is one of the riskiest jobs that Reacher has taken on. 

The Sustainable House Handbook | Josh Byrne (Gardening Australia)

With eco-friendly homes on the rise, you don’t need to buy a new home to have a sustainable home. Byrne gives readers tips on how to create a home that is comfortable year round without needing air conditioning or heating, solar panel usage, reducing water usage and producing your own food. 

This is an easy-to-follow guide for anyone planning to build their dream home or to convert their current home to a more sustainable way of living. 

Silverview | John le Carré

Published posthumously, Silverview is le Carré’s final published novel and is a standalone spy story set in an East Anglian seaside town. Julian, 33, is tired of working in the city, and decides to open a bookshop when he is approached by a retiree, Edward, who says he once knew Julian’s father. When Julian discovers a letter postmarked in Belgrade for his father, Edward’s story checks out. However, it isn’t long before questions will arise as to why Edward is asking Julian to transport a sealed envelope to a woman based in London. 

John le Carré alternates the narration between Julian and Proctor, a middle-aged British spy who is looking for the source of a leak. The emotional side of the book rests with Julian while readers will be intrigued with Proctor’s side of the story. 

Wildland: The Making of America’s Fury | Evan Osnos

American politics holds much interest and in Wildland, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Evan Osnos takes readers through six years of stories from individuals in Greenwich, Connecticut; Clarksburg, West Virginia; and Chicago, Illinois. These stories look at the political dissolution in America, and the connections between individual lives. 

Osnos highlights how the political turmoil combined with pandemic and civil unrest affected people in the three cities. From the shift of the financial elite in Greenwich through to the collapse of social infrastructure in Clarksburg and the effects of segregation and violence in Chicago, every individual has a story over the six years leading to 2020. 

Looking for something else? This Summer Reading Guide from Glebe bookshop Gleebooks will have the family sorted. 

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