Today we’re focusing on how you can easily bring the luxurious vibes of a five-star hotel into the bedroom at your Inner West property. The good news is that small changes can make a big impact. The better news? A luxurious bedroom instantly adds value when selling your Inner West property.

8 ways to get 5-star bedroom luxury at home

Here are several ways you can add value and five-star style to your Inner West bedroom.

1. Improve the bedding situation

First things first. You need to upgrade your bedding. Start with bamboo, linen or cotton sheets in the 200- to 1000-thread count range in white. Two flat sheets with crisp hospital corners are in and fitted sheets are out.

Then you’re going to want to get the plushest doona available and choose a simple cover that matches your room’s aesthetic. If you’re aiming for a neutral colour palette just like a luxury hotel, don’t choose a bright patterned cover. Depending on the bed frame, many five-star hotels also use bed skirts or dust skirts.

2. Add a rug

A rug can instantly change a room’s vibe. We recommend something fluffy like one of these shaggy rugs from Sydney Rugs Online.

3. Go OTT with the cushions

Be honest. When you walk into a five-star hotel room, there are always more than two pillows on the master bed. So don’t be afraid to go over the top when it comes to cushions and throw pillows. Focus on neutral colours in different textures like velvet. Oh, and the more plush the better.

4. Pick a statement art piece or plant

Most five-star hotels will have a statement art piece. This might be a colourful painting over the bed, photographs capturing the local scenery or a unique sculpture. And while hotels generally don’t include a fabulous tall plant, we love the sight of a sculptural plant or even an olive tree in the bedroom. Pick your look.

5. Opt for a statement headboard

Look, you’re not going to find an IKEA bed frame in a five-star hotel. Just like with the cushions, you want something plush, vintage or textured. Domayne has some fantastic options in neutrals and velvet. Plus, you can customise many of their headboards to suit your room and your style.

6. Add a stylish light fixture

A plain black bedside lamp won’t cut it in a five-star hotel or your Inner West property. There are two main options we recommend. First, opting for pendant lighting by the bed instead of a normal reading lamp instantly elevates any space. Alternatively, a statement pendant light fixture as the bedroom’s main source is our other recommendation. A modern-day chandelier is the vibe you want and Beacon Lighting has too many options available.

7. Clear the clutter

Most of us have cluttered nightstands overflowing with essentials, like half-drunk glasses of water, hand cream tubes and books. To give your bedside situation an instant five-star facelift, all you need to do is clear the clutter. Place random items in a drawer (or get a stylish bedside table with drawers). Another idea is to place small items like jewellery in a stylish tray like this Kmart one.

Decluttering extends beyond bedside tables. Keep floors and any other furniture free of clutter and cords. Opt for tasteful décor instead, like the aforementioned jewellery tray and a scented Diptyque candle.

8. Create a nook

Finish your room with a stylish nook that features an armchair and a side table (ottoman optional). Most hotels feature some kind of extra furniture and if you have the room, this will make the space look and feel more luxurious.

Will a luxurious bedroom add value to my Inner West property?

Yes, a luxurious bedroom suite that emulates a five-star hotel will definitely add value to your Rozelle or Lilyfield property. The bonus is that it will also photograph well, attracting more potential buyers.

Can we help with your Inner West home?

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