There’s nothing quite like that relaxed spa feeling. It’s a combination of the treatments, luxury touches and calming scents. Well, while we can’t live at the spa, we can bring little pieces into our home. Here are some easy and affordable ways to create a spa-like bathroom in your Inner West home.

How to transform your bathroom into a spa

Ready to improve your Inner West bathroom? Here are some easy updates to bring the spa to you.

1. Invest in a new showerhead

Do you know what all spas have in common? High-quality shower heads! Popular options are high-pressure and rain showerheads. But swapping any outdated shower head for a modern fixture will be beneficial.

The key thing to remember though is to choose a water-efficient model. Sydney might be wet now, but we all know this doesn’t last. So it’s best to be prepared with a water-wise fixture. Plus hey, by choosing a water-efficient shower head, your household can save up to 20,000L of water annually. To determine a shower head’s efficiency, look out for the WELS label. The more stars, the more water efficient.

2. Add storage

Spas love floating shelves. Bonus points if they’re white. The best part is you can fit them wherever possible, like above the door or toilet or next to the vanity. Then you can fill them with the below styling features, crisp towels or storage baskets.

You can find pretty baskets at places like Kmart, Spotlight, Target and Temple & Webster. Use them to store everything from hair tools to toilet paper. Glass jars are also a stylish way to store cotton balls, hair accessories and cotton buds on open shelves. While you’re decorating, use this time to declutter your cabinets and remove anything out of date.

3. Let there be light

Lighting is key to creating a spa-like atmosphere. Installing dimmers helps you match the lighting to your mood. But track lighting is also an easy way to brighten any bathroom. Choose your vibe.

Styling your spa-like bathroom

Now you’ve made the updates, here are some styling tips to transform any Inner West bathroom into a spa. The idea is to create a calm and welcoming space. Here’s how to do it:

  • Add natural decor. Have you noticed that many spas decorate with plants and flowers? Choose plants that thrive in humid bathrooms, like the beautiful moth orchid, string of pearls, spider plant or snake plant. Place them on the countertop or floor or hang them from the ceiling. If living plants aren’t feasible, faux plants or flowers also work.
  • Choose a colour palette. Because it’s always a smaller space, less is more. Limit the colour palette to only three colours. Calm pastels like sky blue or blush pink paired with neutrals like soft grey and white are the way to go.
  • Stock up on plush matching towels. You can donate any old ones to your local vet.
  • Indulge in quality bath products. We’re talking Aesop or L’Occitane for total luxury. When you’re done, refill the bottles with supermarket brands so you get the spa look on a budget.
  • Smell the roses. While you’re indulging, we recommend buying an elegant scented candle or five. Some scented soap sitting pretty in a soap dish wouldn’t go astray either. Another option is an essential oil diffuser with a calming scent like lavender or rosemary. Alternatively, hang a eucalyptus bundle from the showerhead. It’s truly a transformative experience.
  • Update daggy bath mats. Choose a beautiful rug made from quick-drying material or a bamboo bath mat instead.
  • Add artwork. Focus on calm prints that match your colour palette.
  • Update fixtures. Gold accents scream “spa”.

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