With the cooler weather upon us and winter knocking on the door, if you’re chasing a winter sale, it’s essential to make your home look and feel as warm as possible. While the cold might keep some buyers at home, those who do venture out tend to be serious buyers. In addition, the stock levels are generally much tighter, which means as a buyer you have fewer homes to compete with and more buyers considering your property.

A home offering warmth and cosiness is always going to attract serious buyers, and there are plenty of ways to bring these elements into your home without breaking your budget.

We’ve put together some top décor tips for selling your home in winter.

Choosing colour schemes

Changing up the colour of your home doesn’t mean that you need to paint it. (In saying that, if your house does need the paint refreshed, it’s a great idea to do this before your home goes on the market.) When choosing colour schemes for the cooler months, you need to think of warm, cosy colours like mustards, burnt oranges, rusty reds and olive greens. Using these colours with neutral colour schemes adds warmth without being too colour heavy. If you don’t like a lot of colour, a few warmer colour variations on the neutral colours you currently have will help to bring a sense of warmth to your house. Think a base note of beige or off white teamed with cinnamon, nutmeg or turmeric. And if you want to be totally on trend (not that we recommend being trendy), soft greens like sage and olive are proving to be popular across the globe.

On top of the colour, incorporating natural elements such as plants into your home can help bring it all together.

Throws and pillows

Nothing says cosy like throw blankets and pillows scattered around your living room and bedroom. Choosing knits in seasonal colours allows you to swap these items out throughout the year or the season. Some of the best cosy Inner West homes use textiles and texture in throws and pillows to create dimension in a room.

Luxe additions

Many homeowners turn to blinds these days as they are easier to keep clean and they look more modern. However, curtains are a great way to add a little luxe to your Inner West home. This season, consider adding curtains in velvet, silk or another luxurious fabric, even if they’re decorative only. You don’t need to spend a fortune; head to somewhere like Spotlight and look for fabrics that will give you the luxe look without a hefty price tag. Even humble unbleached calico can look luxurious with the addition of a velvet band on the bottom.
Hang curtains high and as close to the ceiling as possible; this makes the room seem much loftier.

Depending on the overall style of your home, you can add touches of luxury by replacing stainless steel tapware with brass or copper, both warm elements that make your home look expensive.

Changing the hardware on your cupboards from your kitchen and vanity to your bedroom can add luxury without breaking the bank. Just make sure the hardware is consistent throughout your home so you have a cohesive look.

And if your home is smaller, remove heavy décor items in favour of glass or metal vases that reflect the light and make your home look luxe.

Luxurious aromas

We all know the comfort of smelling your favourite food cooking away in the oven on a cold winter day. This is one of the reasons why many in the real estate industry suggest cooking a batch of biscuits right before an open house; the smell is a familiar one that appeals to almost everyone.

However, much as we love scented candles and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, we suggest that you keep these for your own pleasure. Certainly place some candles in beautiful holders around your home ‒ they always make a home look more high end ‒ but don’t light them before an open home. Some people are allergic to strong scents or might have a condition that means that strong aromas make them feel ill. The best smell, as long as it’s subtle, is of beeswax furniture polish or another scent that suggests the home is clean and fresh.

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