Once you’ve finished decluttering your home for sale, it’s time to put some personality back into it. Remember that potential buyers want to be able to see themselves living in your home.

Your home doesn’t need to look like a showroom or something straight out of a magazine ‒ something we see occasionally on various websites. Instead, your home should communicate that you love living there and you can have a few items on display that reveal your personality.

Your kitchen should be welcoming

The kitchen is the centre of the home and where you spend a lot of your time so don’t let it look cold and sterile. Once you’ve decluttered, create some warm ambience.

If there’s a blank wall, turn it into a feature wall with an amazing poster or painting or add a cool coffee bar. Then, place some items on your kitchen bench, breakfast bar or island bench that add warmth for a lived-in look.

Try to stick to complementary colours and group them in threes or fives. For example, place a really pretty fruit bowl filled with lemons, limes and oranges on your kitchen bench, a small plant and a copper tray. Just make sure you have an odd number.

You could add a glass of wine and a decorative platter with cheese and crackers, and maybe a candle (lit for photography, unlit for open days). If you love to bake, why not get out your best serving tray and stack it with biscuits, muffins or cupcakes? If you don’t enjoy baking, it’s fine to head to your local bakery and grab a few goodies to display on open day or when the photographer comes to call.

If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate a small dining table, have this set with coordinated place settings and perhaps a vase of fresh flowers from the garden in the centre.

Give your living room the comfort factor

While you should remove most of your personal items like family photos or treasured objects during the decluttering stage, don’t leave your living room looking bare and uninviting. Make it look super comfortable by adding some cushions and a throw over the lounge.

Place a large piece of artwork on the barest wall. This could be a stunning painting by a local artist (like our friend, Lara Scolari).

If there’s a coffee table or a mantlepiece, place some treasured objects in groups of three ‒ . a candle, an ornament that you love and a small vase of flowers.

Don’t forget to add some plants. If you have a corner table, place an elegant lamp on it and a small indoor plant. Complement this with a candle, a treasured book and a glass of wine.

Create a restful bedroom with personality

Your bedroom should feel restful and relaxed, not stark and cold. You can easily achieve a delightful ambience with a few cushions on the bed in colours that complement your décor. Add a luxurious throw over the end of the bed and try to bring in some 2023 colours.

If you have bedside tables, don’t leave these bare. Instead, place a few carefully curated items on each one ‒ a glass of water, a small bedside lamp, and a book with an appealing cover.

Perhaps you could add a small vase with some lavender, a scented candle and your prettiest coffee cup?

The general idea is to add some items that reflect your personality but are curated in such a way that they look as if you use them and they belong there.

Once you’ve completed your styling, be sure to take some photos so that you can see what your rooms look like. You might need to rearrange a few items to get the perfect effect.

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