Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief focusing on organising a physical space to create harmony and balance. Today we’re discussing exactly how you can use this practice to improve your Inner West home’s presentation to maximise its value and sell it faster.

Create the perfect first impression

Pay attention to your home’s front yard and entryway. This is a prospective buyer’s first impression and you want to make it a good and lasting one. Ensure you remove all weeds and dead foliage from the front garden and focus on your entrance. Embrace the elements like fire and wood by turning the lights on and flanking your front door with potted plants or flowers. Once visitors step inside, make sure your hallway looks fresh and inviting for them.

Go with the flow

One of feng shui’s most common principles is Chi or the flow of energy. In real estate terms, it’s paramount that your home has a good flow regarding room and furniture placement. You want to avoid overcrowding rooms, blocking natural pathways, and positioning couches and chairs directly facing a doorway. You also want to remove any hazardous furniture that you have stubbed your toe on once or twice.

Instead, what you do want to do is hang a mirror opposite windows with beautiful views and avoid hanging a mirror directly opposite the front door. You also want to create space by drawing the eye to a focal object in the corner diagonal to the door in each room. Finally, repair broken things like light switches to forgo any negative Chi.

Say goodbye to clutter

A clutter-free space equals a clutter-free mind, so it’s important to declutter your space when staging your home for sale. In particular, focus on clearing items off horizontal surfaces like countertops and tables. This is a win-win scenario: it allows a prospective buyer to visualise their own items in your home and makes a room feel bigger. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so focus on cleaning and organising the pantry and cupboards, placing bins and knives out of sight, and adding a vibrant plant.

Adjust your colour scheme

According to feng shui, different colours exude different energies and have a big impact on the way we feel. White is a great starting point, as it reflects a blank slate and cultivates clarity. On the other hand, black is the perfect accent colour that encourages reflection and grey is the harmonious union of these two colours. Don’t hesitate to draw on this feng shui principle in your Inner West home. For example, bring pops of warm colour to rooms with little natural light and choose a soothing palette for your bedroom.

Focus on the different elements

Another important principle of feng shui is focusing on the five basic elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. You can do this through colours (e.g.. blue décor for water) and accessories. Add healthy plants for wood (say goodbye to any dead or wilting foliage), focus on candles and ambient lighting for fire, and earth can include landscape photos. Furthermore, research suggests that earth-based scents appeal to more people.

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