If you’ve never heard of Swedish death cleaning, you’re in for a surprise. Basically, it’s just another form of decluttering except the focus is on parents or older people who have spent 50 or more years accumulating belongings that their loved ones will then have to deal with once it’s time for older people to downsize or go into care.

A different approach to decluttering

When you understand the concept behind Swedish death cleaning, it will make perfect sense to you. Why have all those things stored around your home that you’re not going to use?

Think about your kids or other relatives who may have to go through your things when you have to go into care. Just this one thought can give you a different mindset about decluttering and making your life more simplified and less stressful. If we could leave you with one thought, it’s this: Who will care about my stuff when I’m not around?

In fact, it’s a proven theory that holding on to items you don’t use or have kept for sentimental reasons really does increase your stress levels. And too many décor items create unnecessary cleaning stress if you have to dust all of those trinkets and things cluttering your shelves.

Then, there’s the stress of trying to find something in a cupboard that’s just overflowing with bits and pieces that threaten to fall out all over the floor when you open the door.

Wouldn’t your life be so much calmer and more peaceful if you had fewer things to manage in your home? Just imagine an ordered and curated space that’s filled only with things you constantly use and that put a smile on your face when you see them.

Take your time and do your Swedish death cleaning gradually

Swedish death cleaning is a process that you undertake gradually and in your own time. You could even just start with one cupboard and take out all the contents. Then, sort the items into those that you use fairly regularly.

Believe it or not, everything else that you’ve just taken out of the cupboard is probably something that you don’t really need and is just taking up space. It might be difficult at first but think about having to pack all those things if you have to move. This includes clothing you never reach for but keep ‘just in case’.

Or, worse still, think about your kids or other family members having to deal with your accumulated belongings if you’re no longer around.

In looking at clearing unwanted or unneeded items this way, you’re telling your mind that less is best ‒ because it actually is.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to go through your entire home. The most important thing is that the more often you practise Swedish death cleaning, the more mindful you’re going to be to buy only things that you know you’re going to use.

Another way you can look at this is to only buy something new to replace something that you’ve disposed of because it was broken or didn’t fit any more. This is the perfect way to keep clutter at bay by not filling your home with unnecessary stuff.

Do a Swedish death clean every time you move house

If you’re planning to move house, consider doing a Swedish death clean before you move. Start well in advance so that you’re not rushed. Taking your time means that you won’t cut corners and all the effort will be worth it.

As you’re going through your boxing up for the move, take a critical look at every item and consider whether you use it or wear it often. If not, why pack it and take it to your new home?

It will only take up valuable space or be left in its box in the garage for someone else to deal with down the track.

The bonus is that you’ll have less to unpack and put away when you reach your new home. This means that you can start exploring your new environment sooner instead of spending days unpacking all those boxes.

If you want to learn more about Swedish death cleaning, you can get the book by Margareta Magnusson titled The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning or have a quick look at this YouTube video.

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