If ceilings are the last piece you think about transforming in your Inner West home, you’re not alone. But today we’re sharing some fun and inspirational ways you can embrace the fifth wall in your home and create a more unique space.

What is the fifth wall?

The ceiling is what interior designers call the fifth wall. While most people focus primarily on the main four walls in every room, don’t forget about the ceiling. Having some fun with ceiling treatments can truly transform a room and your Inner West home.

How to transform your home’s fifth wall

Here’s a list of ceiling treatments that will suit most homes on the Balmain Peninsula:

  • Start small. Before transforming your living room’s ceiling, start small with your kids’ bedrooms or playroom. These are great places to paint in bold colours if there are existing white or light walls. The bolder, the better and if you don’t like it, just repaint! Other small pass-through spaces that suit a bold colour or pattern are foyers and laundry rooms.
  • Embrace your home’s history. The Inner West is brimming with historic Victorian terraces and worker cottages. Embrace that time period with Victorian ceiling treatments, like ornate and detailed cornices and ceiling roses. If the original features have since been renovated, you can buy replica cornices and ceiling roses that reflect your home’s history.
  • Go bright with lights. While you may not be comfortable changing your entire ceiling, don’t forget about lighting, as it can truly transform a space. For example, pouring light onto low ceilings through lighting with perforated shades can visually raise a ceiling’s perceived height.

  • Add wallpaper. If wallpapering four walls sounds overwhelming, why not exclusively wallpaper the fifth wall? It’s best to wallpaper a room with existing neutral walls, so the wallpaper is the centrepiece. You can embrace a large pattern in spaces like living rooms but opt for a serene pattern or colour in bedrooms.
  • Use a dark colour to create intimacy. If your Inner West home has high ceilings and lots of light, you might want to use a darker ceiling colour to create intimacy. This is best in smaller spaces, like a separate dining room or study. You can either just go dark on the ceiling and leave the remaining walls neutral or paint all five walls in a dark shade, like a dark green or navy blue. When paired with bright furniture and light flooring, this can create a cosy and calm space.
  • Go light in a dark space. Many Victorian homes can naturally be quite dark, especially in the front rooms. So if you have low ceilings and want to add character or have a dark space and you want to reflect more light, why not try tin tiles? They bounce the light back into the dark room from outside, unbelievably brightening the space.
  • Go basic. If you want to start small, simply paint your ceiling in a high-gloss white or off-white to reflect light and give the impression of a glowing room.

Ceiling treatment tips

Before you embrace your home’s fifth wall, here are some things to consider:

  • If you have uneven ceilings or an awkwardly-shaped room, use the same colour paint as the walls on the ceiling. This will trick the eye into not knowing where the wall stops and the ceiling begins, so people generally won’t notice flaws like low ceilings.
  • Interior designers don’t recommend embracing bold ceilings in functional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Most importantly, whatever style you choose for your fifth wall should always complement your overall home décor for better resale value.

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