According to Vogue Living, as we head into yet another year of pandemic, 2022 interior design is once again focused on helping us feel emotionally at ease.

According to many designers, minimalism is, if not on its way out, being warmed up, with timeless classic looks and some old favourites making a comeback.

Let’s take a look at some of the top interior design trends for 2022 that are perfect for homes in the Inner West. 

Colour trends

The Pantone colour of the year for 2022 is Very Peri, a blue-ish purple that will suit those looking for the maximalist look; that is, rooms that are artfully decorated with a “more is more” philosophy.

Other colours expected to feature this year are those that are closer to nature. Boring beige is being supplanted by colours like browns (chocolate, camel and caramel in particular), cheerful yellows, soft off-whites, fresh blues, greens (natural and pale), and vintage colours like blues, reds and terracottas.

Inspired by nature

It’s not only nature-based colours that are expected to trend this year, with natural materials and plants playing a larger role. Interior plants, natural surfaces such as stoneware, terracotta, travertine and marble, and Zen-like interiors are all expected to be popular.

Some of our favourite indoor plants include:

  • Devil’s ivy: Beloved of home stylists, this plant is hardy, with colourful variegated leaves for a pop of colour in any room.
  • Olive trees: while these can be tricky to grow indoors, they provide a beautiful essence of the Mediterranean. As long as your olive tree is in a huge pot and gets around 6 hours of sunlight a day, it will thrive. Remember to not over water it.
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig: a hardy tree with plenty of greenery that need weekly watering
  • Monstera varieties: Perfect for low-light rooms with a sculptural element
  • Palms: Many suited for interior use including lady palm, Chinese fern palm, and the ponytail palm.
  • Snake plants: More commonly known in Australia as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, these plants are believed to absorb negativity and toxic gases. They will survive well in indirect sunlight and are perfect for people who forget to water their plants! 

Dual-purpose rooms

With many of us continuing to work from home, single-use rooms are mostly a luxury. Since our living rooms have had to double as office space over the last few years, key interior design trends have dual-purpose rooms at the top of the list.

We can expect to see libraries in the media room, guest rooms with office desks, and outdoor areas used as workout spaces.

Bedrooms, however, are trending away from becoming dual purpose and towards being a sanctuary to which we can retreat at the end of the day. To achieve your Zen space, start by removing any clutter, installing mood lighting, and ensuring any furniture is soft and comfortable. We’re also seeing bedside tables becoming smaller, with enough room for a reading lamp, a good book and a glass of water so there’s less visual distraction.

Sustainable choices

We’re all becoming more conscious of what we put in our Inner West properties, with sustainable choices holding more importance. Our locals are starting to repurpose old furniture, shopping for quality antique and vintage furniture, shopping locally and buying items that have been sourced responsibly.

We also expect to see more DIY projects utilising recycled materials this year.

Within sustainability, we’re seeing more use of natural materials, whether it’s upgrading silicon chopping boards to timber and using sustainably sourced woollen throws and blankets or using eco-friendly dinnerware and sustainable flooring.

Timeless and classic Inner West homes

While the latest trends can prove intriguing, we love a classic look. We asked one of our favourite designers, Alena Smith, how her business, Alena Smith Interior Design manages interior design trends:

“We aim to create authentic connections between homeowners and the spaces in which they live. Rather than follow design trends, we combine the enduring qualities of architecture with interior designs that are contemporary, uplifting and emotive. These values result in serene homes with exquisite details, sustainable materials and a sense of wellbeing for all.”

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