There’s something about living on the Balmain Peninsula that people just love ‒ the outdoors lifestyle, the easy access to absolutely everything, and the sought-after classic workers’ cottages and terraces that form the character of our Balmain Peninsula.

Of course, these homes are smaller, but that simply means taking some time to plan and design your home to ensure you have enough living space without feeling too crowded.

So what are some of the tricks to living large in small homes?

Major renovations are out

As fun as it is to plan renovations, you don’t need to start knocking walls down or adding extra levels onto your home to get more space. When you move into a small home, it’s all about using the space well, using clever hacks to get more space (but still have enough seating for your guests), and utilising your outdoor space well.

Good flow through the home is important, with many of those living on the Balmain Peninsula taking feng shui practices into consideration when designing their home; that is, thinking about the flow of energy, creating balance and bringing harmony to a space.

While you don’t need to undergo structural renovations to get your home flowing better, there are three areas for which you may like to consider minor renovations: the kitchen, the bathroom and the outdoor area.

Kitchen, bathroom and outdoors

When we talk about workers’ cottages and terrace houses, we tend to be looking at homes with smaller kitchens and bathrooms leading onto an outdoor area. It can be quite easy to make these areas over, giving you better flow through your house.

Take the galley kitchen: a long narrow kitchen with base cupboards, overhead cupboards, and services located on either one or both sides, this type of kitchen tends to have plenty of room to move around. Despite having a small kitchen area to work with, the kitchen in this terrace house in Balmain still has plenty of workable space. This worker’s cottage in Balmain has opened up the kitchen area, with a long workspace along one wall, allowing plenty of space for everyone to move around.

Even in larger homes like this Victorian terrace in Birchgrove, the bathrooms can be small. Working with the space you have is key; maximise the space by installing a shower over the bath, and use longer benches for storage.

When it comes to backyards, being able to open up your kitchen and dining room to the outdoors can make a massive difference in the feeling of how much space you have available. Take advantage of freshly painted French or bi-fold doors to let in more natural light and open up the room even more.

Tips to maximising space without renovations

We know that living large in small homes on the Balmain Peninsula means maximising the space you have, so we’ve put together our three top tips on the best living styles we’ve seen across the Peninsula.

Fold-up tables

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen/dining room, a fold-up table is a great way to make your room seem bigger. These tables simply fold out when you want to use them, and fold down flat against the wall when they aren’t in use. You might also consider a fold-down table that can open up to seat six comfortably but folds to the size of a narrow credenza when not in use. Choosing to use stools or bench seats allows you to tuck your chairs away out from underfoot when not in use.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas give you more options for seating and allow you to set up your sofa in a way that best suits your room. Choosing a sleeper modular or sectional sofa gives you the benefit of being able to have guests stay without needing to use the floor space or an air bed. A sofa can also help you define space in a room without the need for a wall or room divider that would block precious light.

Lighter paint colours

We know that painting a room can really bring it to life, and choosing lighter paint colours will help make your room seem larger, and help to reflect natural light around the room. Using lighter paint colours won’t compromise the cosy feeling of the room either. Add in some textured throws and pillows in a warm colour and you have the best of both worlds.

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