With restrictions gradually easing in New South Wales and the rest of the country, everyone’s raring to go out, have fun and travel. And did you know about the exciting things happening nearby?

Here, we’ll talk about some wonderful local news from the Inner West. We’ll be focusing on some highly anticipated major projects within or near the Balmain, Rozelle and Lilyfield suburbs, particularly the Dawn Fraser Baths, WestConnex and the Sydney Fish Market.

Dawn Fraser Baths

The historically significant and locally beloved Dawn Fraser Baths, found to be in a state of disrepair way back in 2018, has been undergoing extensive renovation since 2019 and the planned reopening was planned for October 2020.

According to the Inner West Council, the baths should reopen in mid-April (barring rain delays), but you can see the latest update on the Dawn Fraser Baths upgrade on the council website. The final piece of the upgrade is an external pipeline that will carry water to the fire hydrants and sprinklers for emergency services. At the moment, there are some structural issues that the engineers need to resolve.

Built in 1882 by James Reynolds, the shark-proof pool was later renamed after four-time Olympic gold medallist and Balmain native Dawn ‘Dawnie’ Fraser. The historic bath is one of the few existing tidal public pools in Sydney Harbour and is also home to Australia’s oldest swimming and water polo club.

With the more-than-$6 million worth of upgrades, including an indoor sports centre, drainage improvements, sea wall installation, pool lighting and other amenities, there’s a lot to look forward to once the new and improved Dawn Fraser Baths reopen. 

Belle Balmain Dawn Fraser Baths


The mostly underground 33-kilometre long WestConnex motorway scheme is set to be finished in 2023 with the completion of the Rozelle Interchange. The motorway opened in stages, beginning with the King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade in December 2016, the M4 Widening in July 2017, M4 East in July 2019 and the M8 Motorway in July 2020.

The Rozelle Interchange project of the NSW Government connects the M4-M5 Link to the Anzac and Iron Cove bridges, and it has freed up space for a new 10-hectare regional park. The Rozelle Interchange is also being built with a provision to connect the future Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link. 

Like you, we’re all excited to see this project finished, as it will cut down travel time significantly and relieve pressure on the very busy Victoria Road.

Sydney Fish Market

The new Sydney Fish Market, announced in April 2020 in the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns, is the 33rd project to be determined through the government’s Planning System Acceleration program.

Early works started late last year, and major construction is set to begin early this year, with completion expected by 2024. The Sydney Fish Market is the main market exchange for fish in NSW. It’s also a popular local destination for families, yachties and more.

Once finished, the new design will include more than 4,700 square metres of new public open space. It is also envisioned to pave the way for the construction of a future shared pedestrian and cycle path, which will, in turn, provide waterfront access from the Sydney Fish Market to Woolloomooloo — something that will delight Inner West residents and everyone in Sydney who has hankered for better waterfront access.

For Balmain, Rozelle and Lilyfield residents, there are plenty of major improvements to anticipate in the next few years.

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