In the current economy, buying locally from Inner West businesses has never been more important. Today we’re sharing more reasons you should buy local, and a few of our favourite local businesses.

Five reasons to buy local in the Inner West

Here are several reasons we recommend buying locally from Inner West businesses.

1. Supporting local jobs and the wider community
Buying locally is one of the easiest ways you can support your local economy. The more people who buy from a local business, the more jobs created and generally filled by locals. As well, many local businesses in the Inner West are big believers in supporting the wider community and donate money and items to schools, community groups and non-profit organisations.

2. Better for the environment
Buy local and simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint. Firstly, you do this by walking to the business instead of driving. Then, of course, many businesses sell local products. By not ordering online and shopping locally, you’re reducing the need for air freight, deliveries and more.

3. Investing in your community
By supporting local Inner West businesses, you’re investing in your community’s future. They bring character to your community and a neighbourhood filled with prosperous businesses is definitely more desirable. This can help to sustain and even boost property prices.

4. Making personal connections
If you thrive on human interaction, making personal connections with local businesses and starting your day with a visit to the same coffee shop where the barista instantly knows your order is bound to put a spring in your step. Making connections via local businesses is also a great way to make friends if you’re new to the Inner West. A study of ageing populations showed it’s the interactions you have with others daily ‒ more than fitness and diet ‒ that are the best predictor of longevity.

5. “Use it or lose it”
The “use it or lose it” principle can also relate to local businesses. Let’s use a butcher as an example. If your community gets a butcher but you don’t support them, you’re then likely to lose them. Other businesses might follow suit too.

Buy local in the Inner West

Here are just some of the independent businesses we recommend visiting in the Inner West:

  • That Plant Shop is a serene jungle oasis on bustling Darling Street. Pick up an indoor plant, talk to the friendly staff about your plant problems or relax with a slice of homemade cake in the coffee lounge.
  • Local Bar is both a coffee shop and a cosy bar that makes the best cocktails in the Inner West.
  • If you want a local establishment steeped in history, visit Unity Hall Hotel. It’s Balmain’s local watering hole and where the Australian Labor Party was formed.
  • For melt-in-your-mouth handmade chocolates made with recipes passed down through four generations, visit Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates in Rozelle.
  • The Local Press in Lilyfield is proud to serve real food and their lunch bar menu changes daily.
  • Emilio’s Butcher is our favourite butcher in the Inner West.
  • Cheese Celebration because every milestone in life deserves to be celebrated with cheese.

Plus, you can support several locals in one go at the weekly Rozelle Collectors Market.

Inner West Council’s Darling Street initiative

The Inner West Council is continuously working to improve Darling Street’s economy in the following ways:

  • Proposing a free shuttle bus from the cruise ship terminal to Darling Street.
  • Working with landowners and commercial agents to bring in a better range of shops.
  • Creating a keystone festival in Balmain Food and Art Festival, which includes the highly successful Jazz in the Park.
  • Working to revitalise the Balmain Markets.

To stay up-to-date with what’s happening on Darling Street, follow Darling Magazine on Instagram.

Now’s the time to become a part of the thriving Inner West community. Let us help you.

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