Rightsizing is not a new concept or trend; it’s a different way of looking at upsizing or downsizing. Ultimately, it’s about creating the life you want with the things you want. 

While downsizing focuses primarily on reducing one’s amount of possessions, upsizing involves increasing the square footage or area of one’s home to address the need for additional space and furnishings.

Meanwhile, rightsizing is about finding a balance between what you own and your current lifestyle, as well as ensuring there is adequate space to keep everything organised. Rightsizing can mean something different to everyone. It could mean downsizing or upsizing, depending on your lifestyle needs.

When to ‘rightsize’

Rightsizing seems to have made its way here in the Inner West. Some Inner West property owners find the idea quite appealing, especially when considering their new lifestyle needs. Today, instead of moving out of the area completely, many people are choosing to sell, then buy a larger or smaller Inner West property.

Rightsizing is often associated with retirees and empty nesters (who usually opt for smaller properties) or families looking to move to a bigger house with a yard.

However, everyone can benefit from the practice, as rightsizing is really more about sorting out your lifestyle goals so you can make the right choices. But when is the best time to ‘rightsize’?

Rightsizing can be done at any time, as long as you are committed to doing the necessary decluttering and your goal of easing your life by surrounding yourself only with things that you use and bring you joy. 

A move provides the ideal opportunity to ‘rightsize’. This way, you can let go of what you no longer care to have and simplify your life. 

How to ‘rightsize’

Since rightsizing can involve saying goodbye to a lot of things, it can seem a bit overwhelming. But as long as you’ve thought it through and see it as a way to future-proof your life, then go for it. Besides, rightsizing is also about upgrading your life to ensure your possessions enable you to live your life fully and happily.

Not sure how to start rightsizing? Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  • Take measurements. If you’re moving to a bigger or smaller place, consider what you’ll be taking with you. Get the property dimensions down so you can see if that couch you love will fit the living space. Do the same for the rest of the house.
  • Make an inventory of and categorise your possessions. As you go over your things, create a pile each for items you’ll keep (e.g., old family photographs and heirlooms), donate or give away, sell and bin. See whether taking certain pieces makes sense for the available space and your new life. Do consider how you can extend the lifespan of your possessions by giving them away to people who’ll actually use them. Someone else could love those shoes you haven’t worn for years. That jacket you’ve worn only once could help someone looking for a job.
  • Start packing. After sorting through your things and saying goodbye to stuff you won’t be keeping, it’s time to pack. Allocate cartons for items that’ll go to your new place (or will stay if you’re not moving) and things you’ll be giving away or tossing. Label the boxes accordingly, and be detailed in labelling.

Start rightsizing today

If you’re ready, why not go to every room in your home and start taking stock of things that no longer belong? It doesn’t matter whether you’re staying in the same place or moving elsewhere bigger, smaller or with the same amount of space. With the tips shared here, you can start rightsizing your way to a more satisfying life

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