There’s been a long-standing myth in the real estate industry that spring is the best time for property sales. While spring does see a high number of properties on the market because of this perception, it also means that you’re competing with many other properties. However, the Australia-wide growth pattern in sales that started its trajectory in December 2020 is still strong.

Of trends, location and what really matters

Autumn is proving to be the best season to sell property in Sydney, although a smaller number of homes have been going up for auction all across the country. Clearance rates in Sydney are very robust, with 86.2 per cent of auctions ending in a sale.

When we tie this information with property data provided by CoreLogic about Sydney property transactions, March has proven to be a key selling month for Sydney property. 

The same trend is reflected in Balmain. In fact, the past few years have shown us that autumn is really the best time to sell property in Balmain. However, given the advantages of Balmain and the Inner West, there is no wrong time or wrong season in which to sell.  

Of course, we can use seasonal trends to predict which types of properties sell faster. Harbour-side properties, for example, are extremely popular in warmer months – especially if they come with a boathouse. Meanwhile, homes with open fires or that look snug or super cosy appeal more during the winter.

However, most people still make property-purchasing decisions based on location and a sense of community – factors where Balmain and the rest of the Inner West emerge as clear winners.

Where the community spirit beckons

While real estate is mostly about location, location, location, when it comes to finding properties in the best locations, not every place close to the CBD makes the cut if we’re talking about a deep sense of belonging. This sense of connectedness to one’s neighbours is an integral part of feeling safe and secure in the community.

Homes in great neighbourhoods where the community spirit is alive are always desirable, especially if you’re located so close to the city.

This is where Balmain and the Inner West shine due to a long history of community spirit

In the Inner West, we see typical suburbs where everyone knows everybody. People treat each other like family; greet each other warmly; and neighbours get together for street parties and participate in planting, growing and harvesting veggies at the community gardens. It’s where helping one’s neighbour out – whether it’s for babysitting kids or walking the dog – comes naturally.

It’s no wonder that Balmain and other Inner West neighbourhoods continue to remain on the radar of young families who want to raise their kids in a thriving, close-knit community.

Ready to sell?

If you’re looking to sell your property in the Inner West, there’s no need to wait until spring.

We have extensive knowledge of Balmain and surrounding suburbs and can advise you on what you need to do before putting your place on the market. You’ll be getting great offers soon enough, whatever the season.

Looking for help selling your home or renting your investment property? Our team at Belle Property Balmain support homeowners across Balmain, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Rozelle and Lilyfield. Feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion or property appraisal.

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