With a real push towards sustainability in the last few years, many residents of the Inner West are looking at how they can buy quality over quantity when it comes to everyday products.

As a whole we are starting to realise the throw-away culture isn’t good for the planet, and it certainly isn’t good for our pockets in the long run. So what items should we be splurging on to get quality products?

Quality or price?

When shopping, we’ve all come across two products that look almost identical where one is at the cheaper end of the scale and one is at the more expensive end. The good thing is, we don’t always have to sacrifice quality for price and vice versa. Sometimes you can find a nice balance between the two.

That being said, if you come across a product that is higher in price but much better quality, you are better off purchasing that product.

We often don’t realise that spending a little more up front could save us money in the long run. For example, a good pair of shoes you wear daily may cost you $200 up front, but they’ll last for a good number of years and can be repaired. Spending $20 on a pair of shoes will not only see you buying more shoes in the same time period, but may also see you spending money on fixing pain from wearing cheap shoes.

It is also wise to remember that a higher-quality item that is made better, whatever the price tag, is also better sustainability wise. A product that lasts longer is going to stay out of landfill longer, and a good-quality product is less likely to be made with harmful materials.

Products you only need to buy once

When looking for quality products, that will leave us paying more, what products should we be looking at first?

Heating and Cooling

Instead of buying a cheap fan or heater that may only last two or three years, invest in buying a good quality air conditioner that will last longer. If you’re renting, you may want to consider a quality portable air conditioner and heater. Invest in a good quality product and you will be able to take it with you when you move.


Mattresses and linen are areas you should consider spending more money in if you can. A good-quality mattress could cost you a few thousand dollars, but that mattress is certainly going to last and you’ll get a better night’s sleep. If the budget won’t stretch that far, a mattress at a midway price point will still be a better quality choice than a cheap mattress.

Similarly with linen. Cheap linen will pill and will wear faster. A slightly more expensive linen purchase should see you with softer sheets that last longer.

Quality cookware

Have you been lucky enough to receive hand-me-down cookware items from your parents or grandparents? Good chance they were expensive in their time and of a high quality. A brand like Le Creuset will be an expensive up-front purchase, but you’ll probably be handing them down to your own children eventually.

There are certainly some cheaper options which will last a few years, but when thinking of cookware, think of a product that will last 30 or 40 years and not three or four years.

Along with good cookware, a good set of knives will last you years as long as they are maintained and sharpened regularly, as well as being stored correctly.

What about crockery? That’s up to you. Some people prefer cheap and cheerful so they can change up the look of their crockery every few years, while others prefer a better brand that may last longer. Charity stores will usually take used crockery so it will never go to waste.

Suits and workwear

You spend a lot of your day at work, so you need to be comfortable. Once you are established in your role, splashing out on a few quality pieces of workwear will be better than buying a new suit or a new dress every few months. Instead of purchasing a lot of clothing for work, where possible consider a capsule wardrobe of a few good quality classic pieces that can be interchanged. A designer outfit might seem to be priced exorbitantly but these items are usually of high construction and good-quality fabric that will last and be timeless.

Coffee makers

Okay, this one can go both ways depending on how you drink your coffee. Making coffee at home is always going to save you money, so spending a couple of hundred on a coffee machine is probably a good call if you are looking for ways to save overall. A good-quality machine is going to last a long time, and you’ll probably well and truly be saving money within a few months (depending on how often you buy coffee out).

But there’s a cheaper option that will last just as long ‒ a quality French Press and a milk frother. It will take up less room on your benchtop, yet still provide you with a good-quality coffee whenever you want. Alternatively, the Italian stovetop coffee pot (Bialetti is a favoured brand) will make excellent espresso coffee and you can buy most models for under $80. They last forever as long as you treat them well.


As the world opens up, it’s time to either dust off your luggage or go and buy some good-quality suitcases and travel cases that will last. Choose a hard shelled suitcase; they are more durable, will protect fragile items better, are water resistant and will withstand the handling better.


Finally, the trusty brolly ‒ often purchased on a whim when it starts bucketing down. Just remember that your $4 umbrella might last the trip home and a couple more uses and that’s it. You’ve basically spent $4 to add to landfill. Choose a non-compact umbrella; although bigger and heavier, they are more likely to last longer and provide better rain coverage.

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