The words ‘downsize’ and ‘declutter’ are often coupled with feeling overwhelmed. But with the limited space available in most Inner West homes, saying goodbye to things you no longer need will inevitably allow you to live better and with less stress. Who doesn’t want that? Here are several downsizing benefits and decluttering tips to help you live a longer and less cluttered life.

The benefits of downsizing

When it’s time to say goodbye to the empty nest and downsize, do yourself a favour and don’t bring everything with you. Decluttering first will allow you to take your time and find the right home for all your treasures, whether that’s Salvos or a significant other.

Liberate yourself from choice paralysis

Fewer choices equal fewer decisions, which is liberating. Streamline your kitchen cabinets, clothes and books so you aren’t faced with too many paralysing choices. It will feel so uplifting to pass unused kitchen equipment onto a young friend or family member moving into a new place or a charity helping local families.

We have to mention a big bonus: downsizing into a smaller Inner West home means fewer daily chores and maintenance. Spending your time socialising instead of cleaning, stressing over unnecessary clutter and struggling to find a place to store everything leads to so many benefits. This includes less stress, improved mental health, stronger relationships and, you know, increased life longevity.

Speaking of, they do say happy people live longer and there’s nothing quite like that content feeling you get from living in a clutter-free and organised Inner West home.

Our top three decluttering tips for the Inner West

Now you’ve made the decision to declutter when you downsize, here are some top tips. But the key is to take it slow so you don’t get overwhelmed by the memories and material possessions you’ve accumulated over the years.

  1. Break it down: First, it’s best to focus on a different room or area of your home at a time. Grab a piece of paper and rank your rooms from least to most difficult (according to the amount of clutter). Start with the easiest room and work your way down the list. There’s no space for a maybe pile, only yes and no. Be ruthless and say no to duplicates or items that won’t fit in your downsized home.
  2. Expect to get emotional: One of the most difficult things about decluttering is parting ways with loved treasures. It takes courage to say goodbye, but it’s important to remember that memories are forever held in our hearts and there are ways to easily digitise photos and mementos so they remain with the family without cluttering your Inner West home. If you’ve also been holding onto the good stuff for a special occasion, either make it a part of everyday life or add it to the donation pile.
  3. Embrace the KonMari method: Decluttering and Marie Kondo go hand in hand. In case you’re unaware of the world-famous KonMari Method, it’s all about tidying via category (such as clothes, books and then sentimental items). She encourages people to only keep things that speak to the heart and spark joy. You thank the item for its service and then let it go. It may sound unusual, but it works. Do those unused golf clubs or fishing rods covered in dust in your garage spark joy or just make you feel guilty that you aren’t using them? If not, add them to the donation pile.

So to live a happier, healthier and less stressful life, take the time to declutter and downsize your Inner West home.

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