Have you been considering putting your home on the market? One of the biggest fears of homeowners looking to take this step is that their home won’t sell quickly or that it won’t sell at all.

There’s no doubt that Lilyfield is a hot market, and at the moment it’s a market where quality buyers are looking for the right home.

So how do we get those quality buyers through the door?

Getting the price right

Getting the price right when selling is possibly one of the most important factors when putting your home on the market. By setting an accurate pricing strategy, you can maximise your home’s final sale figure, while attracting plenty of potential buyers. Setting too high a price runs the risk of deterring potential buyers which, in turn, leaves your property on the market longer. On the other hand, setting the price too low may lead to a financial loss.

Using a strategic pricing strategy creates a sense of urgency that often entices those buyers sitting on the fence to act and submit competitive offers. A home that is priced well is also more likely to be valued favourably when appraised, which ensures a smoother transaction process between parties. We have decades of experience in the market so you can be assured we understand how to price your home so you achieve the optimum price in the shortest possible time.

Presentation sells

Good presentation is essential when it comes to marketing and selling a home. Great presentation captures the attention and interest of potential buyers, creates a positive first impression and sets you up for a successful sale. A well-presented home allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space and starts an emotional connection to the space which can lead to a purchase.

Your Lilyfield home should be clear of clutter, clean and have a level of organisation that shows off your home in its best light. If you aren’t too sure how to present your home, our team at Belle Property Balmain can offer some great tips, as well as help you work with a property staging team to get your home ready. (Staging your home could add thousands of dollars to your sale price.)

The right promotion makes the difference

Selling a home requires effective marketing that increases the visibility of your home and attracts potential buyers. Online listing platforms are a must in today’s real estate market – it is the place that most people first turn to when considering buying and puts your property in front of the right eyes.

We always recommend professional photography as a minimum; you may also like to consider virtual tours and video marketing. Including interactive floor plans (that we provide in both 2D and 3D) is also a great way to allow prospective buyers to get a great idea of whether your property is for them, the flow of the home and whether or not their furniture will fit.

Traditional marketing still plays a role in attracting buyers. Print advertisements, flyers, open houses, and sign boards are great ways to attract local buyers or those who prefer offline marketing.

Choosing to use a real estate agent who understands how to market your property, and how to create a comprehensive marketing strategy increases your chances of a successful sale.

When you choose to sell with Belle Property Balmain, you’ll receive the full Belle experience. Our experienced team will price your home so it sells, give you tips on presentation so that it stands out from other listings. We might even promote it through our quality Belle magazine as well as Sitchu magazine.

Can we help with your Inner West home?

Whether you’re ready to sell or need help to rent your investment property, we have the experience and local knowledge to make your property journey easier.

Looking for help selling your home or renting your investment property? Our team at Belle Property Balmain support homeowners across Balmain, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Rozelle and Lilyfield. Feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion or property appraisal.

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