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Monique Dower
Principal, Belle Property Balmain

Like it or not, home buyers often judge a book by its cover. So make sure your property has kerb appeal. It’s commonplace today for buyers to do a ‘drive-by’, or reconnaissance mission to your address, to determine whether it makes their inspection short-list. So assess the attractiveness of your property and its surroundings when viewed from the street. There are lots of simple enhancements you can make that’ll ensure your property gives an excellent first impression, and boosts its sale value at the same time.

Lynsey Kemp
Principal, Belle Property Balmain

Do you need to sweep leaves, move bins or tidy the garden? Could a pressure wash bring driveways, pavers or the house facade back to its former glory?
How welcoming is your approach to the garden path? Does your letter box or front mat need replacing? Would a bench seat and cushions create a relaxing aesthetic? Add a splash of colour by repainting your front door, adding glazed pots or hanging baskets with beautiful floral arrangements. Perhaps solar lights could bring your property to life at night? These are just some of the tips we can help you with.

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