If you’re looking to sell your residential property in the Inner West and are keen to get tips for preparing a house for sale, then you’ve come to the right place.

With the ideas shared here, you can have your very own marketing strategy for advertising the property you want to sell this year.

1. Sell faster with great presentation

Great presentation is part and parcel of the ultimate real estate marketing plan for sellers.
When we say great presentation, kerb appeal is crucial as it’s the first thing that will attract the attention of serious buyers. Ensuring you have a well-manicured lawn and garden is one of the most practical tips for selling your home this 2021.

However, consider the following items as well.

Ask for some property styling help. Reach out to a professional home staging company, especially if you want to sell a high-value property. This way, you’ll get help with highlighting the best features of your home. In fact, home staging pros can make your property look magazine-perfect.

Enlist a professional real estate photographer. A real estate photographer knows how to highlight your home’s best features. With a professional photoshoot, you’ll have high-quality photos to use for marketing your property – whether it’s through property websites or social media.

Fix what needs fixing. Go over your property with a fine-tooth comb and make a list of what needs to be repaired or replaced – whether it’s broken light bulbs, taps, glass or chipped tiles. Repaint your home and freshen up the colour of your walls.

Engage a professional declutterer. If you have too many knick-knacks and other personal items in your home, get rid of some of those. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, get expert help. A professional declutterer will assist you in removing unnecessary things from your home. The property stylist will then have an easier time visualising your property and making it stand out.

2. Boost interest with a tailored marketing campaign

By working with experienced agents who know the area and what buyers want, you’ll have the help you need to launch a tailored marketing campaign.
This is especially true for luxury properties where the one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work. Marketing high-value property successfully demands different strategies. Some properties are well-suited for investors on the outset, while others appeal more to those who are looking for their perfect forever home. Whatever the case, a successful marketing campaign will put your property front and centre so your property will attract more serious buyers.

With a tailored marketing campaign, you’ll be able to generate interest in the right market, be competitive and boost the eventual sale price. Soon, you should be getting fairly decent offers.

Cheers to a successful property sale this 2021!

By considering these tips on how to sell high-value property (or homes in general), you’ll have a bigger chance of selling your property at a desirable price point.
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