Are you considering decluttering or downsizing your Inner West home and wondering what to do with the ‘good stuff’ you’ve been saving? You know what we’re talking about ‒ the pristine china dinner set or long-forgotten wedding gifts gathering dust at the back of your cupboard. Here are all the reasons why we recommend saying goodbye to your everyday products and replacing them with the good stuff instead.

Create a new tradition.

Back in the day, it was often a tradition to use products like wedding china or crystal glassware only for special occasions, which often translated to ‘never’, especially when little kids entered the scene. I bet if you ask your parents or grandparents they will reminisce about the wedding gifts gathering dust in the top cupboard and the ‘good’ dinner set that seldom got used.

  • They were too delicate and if they got used, everyone was on high alert to treat them with the gentlest of care.
  • They were family heirlooms and it was our responsibility to preserve them for future generations.
  • People believe it’s an added hassle having to hand wash each individual precious item.
If this ongoing pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is short and we should all focus on the small joys in everyday life. So when it’s time to declutter or downsize your Inner West home, we suggest taking a deep breath and creating a new tradition that sees you enjoy these products in everyday life. Use the good stuff and it  will instantly make everyday meals, and your life, feel far more celebratory.

How to incorporate the “good stuff” into everyday life

Here are the products we recommend using in everyday life and not saving for that imagined special occasion.

China: Don’t feel like you have to use the entire dinner set every night. Instead, use one or two pieces at a time. This makes them feel less fancy and more useable.

Wine: Are you saving a prestigious bottle for a special occasion? Even when you take great care in storing your special wines, wine corks have a mind of their own and can crumble if left for decades. So don’t wait for a special event and drink the good stuff now.

Clothes: While we all have that ratty set of clothes we set aside when we need to get dirty, what about that dress we are saving for a special event? Guess what? That special occasion might just be your next date night. Don’t wait to wear the good stuff. Better yet, when your wardrobe revolves around the classics, you’ll always feel elegant.

Body products: Are you hoarding hand creams, bath bombs or body lotions that people have given you as gifts? It’s high time you incorporate them into everyday life, as they won’t last forever. The same can be said for that perfume or aftershave you’re saving for a special occasion. Unless kept in a dark cool place, a scented product will unfortunately eventually spoil and that memorable scent will be no more.

Jewellery: Nobody said you can’t wear that beloved set of diamond studs every day or that ring your grandmother passed down to you.

We hope this post inspires you to embrace the good stuff in everyday life when you’re decluttering or downsizing your Inner West home.

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