There is never a bad time to indulge in photography packages featuring your family and pets. With Christmas and holidays right around the corner, portraits of your smiling faces and wagging tails make the perfect gifts.

In the digital age — when almost anyone can snap pictures with their phones — there still is value in hiring a professional photographer. It takes more than a camera to capture the best portraits. Placing these precious moments in an album or framing them for gifts communicates to others what is important to you. Professional photographers have a knack for creating pure works of art your loved ones will treasure for years to come.

Photographs make lovely gifts

Still in the grips of a global pandemic, many family gatherings may not be possible this year. Travel will likely still be restricted, forcing people to get creative. Zoom is all well and good, but it cannot replace the lasting treasure of photographs.

Family photographers can help you feel a little closer to your loved ones during this time. Digital photographs are convenient to share, but they are limited in their use. Custom frames can accent amazing photos and help family and friends feel a little closer this holiday season.

Printing and framing photos are not the only way to share the joys of photography. You can also gift a loved one with a pre-paid family photography package as a holiday gift. Many photographers allow this option, so be sure to enquire.

Go local for photography

Several amazing photographers serve Balmain, the Inner West and Sydney area. Whether you are interested in a family portrait photography package or want to elevate your pets with a professional portrait, you will have no trouble finding some local talent. To help get you started finding the perfect photographer, here are some of our favourites.

Newborn Photography by Jade is awesome at capturing precious little ones. If you have a new addition to your family this year, give Jade a call to set up a photoshoot. Jade is also in demand around the world as a teacher of how to master light and colour in photography. She’s just down the road in Darling Street so there’s no excuse not to visit.

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Naomi Mawson Photography provides a classic take on fine art portraiture. She brings every small detail to life in her marvellous work. Naomi, a proud dog lover and coffee snob, has a true passion for photography, especially child photography. Her boast is to ‘get’ each client so she captures their essence.

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If you have a ‘fur baby’, then Pierre Mardaga might be more your speed. Pierre Mardaga’s Storybook Photography shoots fantastic photographs of dogs living their best lives in Sydney’s Inner West and includes them in his dog books.

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Painted Pet Portraits takes your favourite photographs of your furry friends and turns them into contemporary portraits.

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Professionally shot and edited photographs and portraits are some of the best ways to capture the most important moments in your life. Share them with the help of talented Balmain photographers.

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