Why a picture-perfect home sells faster

It’s no secret that in the world of property listings, picture-perfect homes garner more attention (clicks), enquiries and tend to sell faster. That is, if the property itself lives up to the favourable impressions its photos have created on prospective buyers.

And while you might get away with a few photos taken on your smartphone, and even use props like faux plants and orchids, professional real estate photography is at a whole different level. This is true even when you know how to use filters or do some simple editing on your phone.

So, if you own an investment property or are looking to sell sometime soon, you should know about these reasons why it’s best to get professional property photography.

1. Your property only has a few seconds to make an impression.

There are literally hundreds of listings online, and your property will be vying for attention and competing with similar properties. With professionally taken photos, your property can create a favourable first impression that will prompt a buyer to click and want to know more.

2. All key property features will be highlighted.

Your agent is the best person to know what aspects of your property need to be featured or highlighted. They can then coordinate with the photographer and make a list of property features that must be photographed.

For example, if your property has a pool, gym or walk-in wardrobe, your agent will want to highlight these in the listing with some great photos to match. Other important shots include those of your home exterior, kitchen and so on.

3. You’ll have more photos to feature and choose from.

Serious buyers prefer listings with more photos. These include different angle shots of the living room, dining room, kitchen and the different bedrooms and baths. If you must include lifestyle photos, limit these as buyers would be more interested in photos of the house.

Take a look at the following examples of properties that have stunning photos and been sold off successfully. 

Here, you’ll see interior and exterior shots taken from different angles, as well as photos of different views. There’s also one aerial shot showing the location of the last property.

Property 1: Photo of the home exterior

Property 1: Photo of the living area

Property 1: Photo of the view from the balcony

Property 2: Photo of the living area

Property 2: Photo of passageway leading to the courtyard

Property 2: Photo of the harbour taken from the balcony

Property 3: Photo of living area

Property 3: Photo of bathroom

Property 4: Photo of facade

Property 4: Photo of a garden feature

Property 4: Aerial shot showing the location of the property

4. You can create a magazine-style look and use special effects.

With professional property photography, you can achieve a magazine-style look and get unique photos. Photographers at Digital 1 photography, for example, can implement certain techniques such as depth of field photography to get a certain effect.

5. You get photos with the right lighting, angle, clarity and focus.

Since property photographers are experts in their field, they know how to manipulate less-than-ideal lighting conditions to achieve better results. They can adjust for not only the lighting but also the angle, clarity and focus so you get quality photos every single time.

They have special lenses and filters at their disposal to take better photos, whether it’s a photo of your pool, patio or bath. Professional real estate photographers also have excellent editing skills, so they can ‘clean up’ any flaws.

List to impress with professional property photography

There’s no question about how important it is to have professionally taken real estate photos for your listings. And the only way to achieve good results is to work with your agent and enlist the help of real estate photographers in Australia.

Aside from professional photography, consider using 3D floor plans, property videos and virtual staging in Sydney to promote your property and help buyers visualise it better. So, if you’re planning on putting your property on the market soon, it would be best to use the tools at your disposal to best present it to buyers.

If you need help with this, please contact Belle Property Balmain. We’re the top real estate agents this side of Australia.

We also have great relationships with companies in real estate videography in Sydney and well-established property photographers. We can also send you our real estate photography price list if you’re keen about our services.

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