Whether you have a heritage home in Rozelle or a more modern one, it’s a good idea to use an architect if you want to make some renovations before putting your home up for sale.

Not only is this important to maintain your home’s heritage character but it can also help with making the home more sustainable for the future. A sustainable home is likely to fetch a better price and have more interested buyers.

So, how can an architect help to maintain the character of your home and make it more sustainable?

Maintaining the character of a heritage home

If you happen to have a heritage-listed home, there are certain guidelines that you need to adhere to which the architect will be well versed in.

For example, your local council will have certain restrictions and non-negotiable rules regarding renovations to your property. For this reason, you want to engage an architect who has many years of experience working with heritage-listed homes in the Rozelle area.

The architect will work with you to draw up plans that help to maintain the original character of your home while also abiding by council regulations. Plus, the architect will work within your budget and can add some modern touches for today’s lifestyle.

Having a clear architectural plan before you start any renovations means that you won’t hit any roadblocks during the process, as everything will be done in accordance with the necessary regulations. Ultimately, this will save you time and money.

An architect will save you money

Your local architect will have many valuable connections within the building industry. This means that he or she should be able to source the materials for your renovation for a cheaper price than you could yourself.

Plus, if the renovations are fully planned out from the beginning, the materials can be purchased up front, again saving you money and also valuable time.

For both heritage-listed and modern homes, there’s the option to use recycled materials. These can be very cost effective and are a further step towards more sustainable renovations, especially if they can be sourced locally.

An architect can help to improve the energy efficiency of the home

With the emphasis on sustainability and the climate emergency the world is facing, there is now a real push toward sustainable architecture and design, especially in Inner West areas such as Rozelle.

Even if your home is not heritage-listed and features a more modern design, chances are it is not as energy-efficient as it could be. A skilled architect who is well-versed in sustainability should be able to advise you on how to renovate your home while ensuring minimal impact on the environment and creating an energy-efficient space.

This could include design elements such as double-glazed windows, which will help with more efficient insulation. Other energy-saving elements could include a more efficient hot water service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. Solar hot water is a popular option for this as is an electric heat pump system.

When working with an architect who is familiar with sustainability options, your renovations will run smoothly and your architect can offer a variety of options you might not be aware of.

Ultimately, this could result in a better sales price and a lot more interested buyers to ensure that your home sells quickly.

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