People usually bring up kerb appeal when they’re just about ready to sell their home. However, beyond wanting your home frontage to have that ‘wow’ factor to attract prospective homebuyers, why not give it a few special touches for the sake of showing your home as the charming place it is? Remember, even if you aren’t thinking of selling, you know locals are checking out all the homes in the neighbourhood, whether as a potential purchase or to find ideas for their own homes.

These kerb appeal ideas don’t need to cost you much either, and you might actually be able to make a few changes free of cost. Read on for our top tips.

7 top ideas for enhancing the kerb appeal of your home

1. Trim your shrubs, mow your lawn

Nothing says neglect more than overgrown, window-obscuring shrubs and bushes.

Whether you want to attract homebuyers or simply want your home to stand out beautifully, giving these unruly kerb appeal killers a nice, quick trim and mowing your lawn are sure to give others the impression of a well-kept home and garden.

2. Paint your fence a different colour

Something as simple as changing up your white fence into black can have a dramatic effect on your façade. But make sure broken or damaged sections are repaired or replaced first.

3. Add life to your front door

If you’ve kept the same natural wood finish to your door all these years, it might be time to inject new life to your front door by painting it in a colour that has more impact from the street. Depending on the overall look of your home, you can go for whatever colour suits it: blue, red, green or any colour you think will stand out from the street while suiting your home.

4. Get an amazing door handle

Sometimes, all you need for a new look is replacing some old hardware, such as the door handle. If your door handle is a heritage item and you want to keep the look, why not replace your letterbox, house number or overhead light fixture with something new, modern or fresh?

5. Fix up your kerb accessories

If you have plenty of yard space yet only have a small, neglected garden, you can place pots of blooms, plant boxes with healthy plants, outdoor sculptures and other outdoor accessories. Remember to place them in odd-numbered groups as it’s more pleasing to the eye.

Also, consider adding outdoor furniture – and make sure you include a full set: at least two chairs and a table. Two chairs alone look lonely and contrived if you’re trying to attract buyers.

6. Make the entrance warm and inviting

Giving your home the all-important kerb appeal that will entice people driving by to come and inspect your home includes doing away with an outdated, austere or impersonal-looking façade.

Enhance the lighting in that area so it exudes a welcoming glow in the evening. Consider installing solar-powered lighting to save energy and enhance your property’s value.

You might also add a seasonal wreath and a permanent welcome mat by tiling the footpath all the way to your entryway.

7. Pressure wash away!

Pressure wash your home exterior, including the pavers, paths, driveway, exterior paintwork and brickwork. Add your roof to the pressure wash list, too, as this area is all too often neglected but visible to everyone driving by, including potential buyers.

Command attention – starting with your home front

Deciding to enhance your kerb appeal this 2021 is not just about making your house façade attractive to property buyers.
You can work on improving the kerb appeal of your Inner West Sydney home purely for the pleasure of beautifying it, too.

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