Maintenance issues are a common source of contention between landlords and tenants. But as a landlord, fixing problems reported by your tenants is part of the cost of owning a rental property – unless the problem is due to the negligence of the tenants or is not covered in your lease contract.

However, there’s even better advice you should consider if you’re the landlord of Inner West rental properties or anywhere in the world: ‘do it now and do it well.’

Do it now; do it well

Small issues can lead to major problems if they’re not dealt with quickly. Moreover, using low-quality items to resolve maintenance issues means you’ll have these breaking down sooner, causing irritation and frustration for your tenants, and additional costs for you.

Therefore, if you have the budget, make sure you replace anything that’s old, worn or broken with quality items. They’ll last longer, require less maintenance and keep your tenants happy.

Benefits of regular property maintenance

  • Additional tax deductions: There are certain repair, maintenance or replacement costs you are allowed to claim as a landlord according to the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Reduction in your overall costs: Well-maintained properties and those fitted with high-quality appliances and fixtures don’t incur as many repair- and replacement-related costs.
  • Good-quality, long-term tenants: When you or your property manager adheres to a maintenance schedule and is quick to respond to tenant complaints, tenants feel well-cared for and valued. In turn, they’ll feel happy being your tenants and will stay in your property for as long as possible.
  • Property investment protection: Certain maintenance issues like roof or other leaks, when left unattended, can turn into major issues. Another example would be not replacing faulty smoke detectors, which can threaten both life and property should a fire break out.
    A property manager will inspect your rental building regularly and maintain good open communication with your tenants.

Don’t forget top-quality insurance

Aside from taking an experienced property manager on board, make sure you get the most comprehensive landlord and building insurance for your property. This way, you have the assurance your investment is covered in case you experience rental default issues or damage to your property.

Quality maintenance = happy tenants 

Communication with your tenants is vital – especially when it comes to maintenance issues. 

Therefore, do everything you can to be a responsive and responsible landlord, and allow your property manager a discretionary budget so they can respond faster. Happier tenants stay longer, and take better care of your property.

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