When you’ve decided to sell your Inner West property, it can be all too easy to rush into the selling process, particularly when the market is doing well. But unless you need to pay for the new home you’ve just purchased, there’s no rush to get your home to market.

In fact, taking the time to plan out your timeline of getting ready for sale and getting your property onto the market, ensures a much less stressful process, and allows you the time to present your home in its best light. 

Step one: Work out your goals from the sale 

The initial step is all about getting you ready to sell your home. It may seem like an easy process but unless you have a true understanding of your financial position and what you really want from the sale of your home, there’s every chance you may take an offer lower than your home is worth, and what you need. 

So sit down and work out your goals from the sale. What type of home will you buy next? What kind of lifestyle could you have if you sell your home for a good price?  Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re in a better position to proceed with the other steps.

If you are planning on selling within the next six months, this is the point to start interviewing sales agents. The great thing about getting one on board early is that we know what the market is looking for and what you can do to appeal to the broadest market. We can advise on what repairs or upgrades may overcapitalise your home and which ones will really help. You can ask us our advice without appointing us as your agents – we are more than happy to help. 

Step two: Get going with maintenance and upgrades

Once you’ve worked out your goals, it’s time to take a good look at your home and decide if any work needs to be done to update it to achieve not only a successful sale but a great price. If you are having trouble looking at your home objectively, perhaps you may want to bring a trusted friend in on this stage who could look at your home as if they were buying it. (Another trick is to take some photos of your home; in photos you can spot issues that you might be ‘blind’ to.) Remember, we’re here to help with any advice and guidance you need.

It’s not unusual to need to do some sort of maintenance and upgrades before you sell your home. Your eight-year-old daughter may like a bright pink room, but it’s probably not going to appeal to a lot of buyers. 

Once you’ve made your list of what needs to be done, it’s time to start contacting tradespeople to help with the work. That may be painters, electricians, roofers and so on. If you’ve never had to use a tradesperson regularly, make sure you take the time to speak with them. We recommend that you get at least three quotes. 

Step three: Start decluttering

We all like to see a home for sale that looks clean, airy and roomy. So start decluttering. Getting rid of anything you no longer use, need or want is hard but it will make your job so much easier when you do sell and have to move. Decluttering also helps with the advertising photos, and leaves you much less to clean up for open homes. 

This is when you will also get your tradespeople to start working. You may also like to consider speaking to gardeners and cleaners at this stage to discuss any work that needs to be done. 

Step four: Appoint your agent and prepare your outdoors

The hard work is done and it’s now time to appoint your agent and get your home on the market. From here, it’s a matter of getting your outdoor and garden area prepared with some simple jobs like weeding and mowing. You may also like to plant some new plants to give a fresh look to your garden area. Remember that kerb appeal is key to attracting more buyers to your open for inspection days.

Your agent will come to you with a comparison of other properties on the market and ones that have sold. From here you can agree on a price with your agent, as well as on your method of sale: private treaty, off market or auction.

Step five: Organise final cleaning for the stylist and photographer

All you need to do now is organise a final clean, and let your agent know that your property is ready for styling and photography. Then it’s off to market and you can put your home in the safe hands of your chosen real estate sales agent. 

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